Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preschool Prep

Would you look at these sweet little BFFs...

My little Nia Beanie had her end-of-the-year preschool musical on Wednesday and Addie and I got to go watch her show. She looked SO SWEET standing up on stage singing and dancing. I just love that little peanut so much. She is such a big girl already!!!

Addie was so excited watching Nia on stage. The whole way there we talked about Nia and her "big girl preschool" and Addie just kept saying, "I want to go to pweschool too!!!" I only hope she is still saying that come September :-)

I think the greatest thing about Nia being a little older than Addie is that she gets to show her the way. Dana thought it would be a good idea for Addie to come to the musical so that she could see how much fun preschool is. And I honestly think it worked because it's all Addie has talked about. She even put on her backpack today and told me that she had homework to do.

Although I am happy that Addie gets excited talking about school, I am afraid it isn't enough for me. It's no secret that Addie hasn't gotten over her attachment to me this year in dance. It's never been a matter of her not wanting to dance or make friends. She loves dancing and all of her little ballerina buddies. She is as social as they come (seriously...this chic would talk to a brick wall if would talk back). She just has a hard time letting me go and that is something I am still working on too.

So this summer, I decided she needs just a little push before preschool. Our park district has a wonderful class called "Puddle Jumpers" which is designed specifically for 3-4 year olds that will be starting preschool in the fall. The class will meet 2 days a week, for 2 hours. It's only for the month of July so that the kids still have some summer to enjoy before heading off to their "real" preschools. They will get to do a lot of the same things they will do in preschool, like participating in circle time, doing arts and crafts, and they will also get to visit the sandbox, flower gardens (to learn about plants and bugs) and play with their sensory tables. It sounds like a ton of fun for them, but the real goal is to help them overcome tears and separation anxiety. They are prepared to take criers (I was told) so Addie will have to learn to adjust. I hate the idea of her crying when I leave, but the teachers assured me that kids are usually over it within 5 minutes of the parents leaving. So I am PRAYING that is the case.

I really think this class is going to be good for us. And if I know Addie, she will adjust fine and be chatting away with Nia about school in no time :-)


  1. Can't believe our little baby is ready for pre-school!!! :(

  2. I think it's a good idea to do the Puddle Jumpers with Addie! I'm sure she will have fun and hopefully realize that even if you're not physically there, you will be back to get her. I remember being very attached to my mom as well and it was hard for her to leave me, but I think I just got over it at some point. The great thing is as a kid, she probably won't remember crying or anything anyway!

    I also wanted to tell you about a thing I saw that made me think of you. I know that you are going to Disney and I saw this idea that families do before they go. Each month, you pick a Disney movie and center the whole night around it. For instance, if you watch Beauty & the Beast, you make gray pudding. And I'm sure there are other things you could do to make it kind of like a countdown for the trip!

    Oh, Bones! Yes, I am mad that we never really knew they were a couple until the last 5 seconds...I hope next season we see more affection and PDA between them because they are so great together! I also hope that they actually did the deed and it isn't some twist like Bones used his donation to get pregnant. That would be annoying!

  3. Miss Sweet Tea - That is an AWESOME idea for our Disney countdown! We are like 5 months away now so it will be perfect. I know we easily have 5 movies to use. Haha! I also saw this cute calendar you can put up in your house when you are down to a month. It's sort of like an advent calendar but you get little items for the trip. You know, like a pair of sunglasses, a new pack of crayons for the plane, etc. SO FUN!!!

    And yes...I do hope we get more PDA from Bones and Booth because they are so very sweet together. And we have been waiting a LONG time for this. It's like X-Files all over again. haha!


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