Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reservations For Pancakes...6 Months in Advance

It still blows my mind that reservations for character meals at Disney book 180 days in advance!!! It's just pancakes for crying out loud!!! But it is Mickey...in the plush...so you gotta expect the place to book up fast. Our trip seemed so far away at one point but we are quickly approaching our reservation window and so it is time to make some decisions.

I consider myself a pretty lucky girl having so many Disney Guru's in my life. I have gotten so much fabulous advice from my friends and family and now that I have weighed the options MANY times and consulted with Miss Addison, I think I am ready :-)

Almost every conversation I have had with someone about Disney has led to Chef Mickey's.

It is apparently one of the hottest places to eat, especially since you get to see so many characters in one place. It's high energy (which we need with my high energy kiddos) and the food is suppose to be pretty good! I can tell you right now...Addie and Blake will be too excited to eat. But you can bet your sweet ass that if I am paying over $35 for a breakfast buffet...I am going to eat like there's no tomorrow. I might even shove some bacon in my purse just to feel like I got my money's worth :-)

Ever since we decided to go to Disney, I have been dreaming of taking Addie to a princess lunch. She knows all the princesses by name and I really thought this is something that she would be excited about. But lately, when I ask her who she wants to see besides Mickey and Minnie, she says Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell has been a constant favorite of hers and to my surprise, there is NO place to eat with Tinkerbell and the fairies! There are plenty of places to see her, but it doesn't look like there is any sort of meal option. And for the price of the princess lunch (yowza!!), I don't know that I want to take her at a time where she isn't that excited about it.

Sooooo...we are going to do our "girly" thing by going to the Bippity Boppity Boutique to get our hair done (compliments of Aunt Diana). I think she will be SO excited to get her hair done and look like a princess, even if she doesn't want to eat with any of them. Ha!

And then, because we will be there before the holiday season, we are going to take the kids to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party!

I have heard a lot of great things about the parade and lights and I think the kids will just go nuts for it. It's a separate admission ticket (of course) but I think it will be worth it. You know me and Christmas :-)

So there you go! A little glimpse at our itinerary. Making all these plans gets me SO EXCITED!!!!!!! I know I have asked before, but are there any must-see attractions for 2-4 year olds? Anything you think Addie or Blake would really go nuts for?


  1. Chef Mickey is an amazing place...definitely a place to go...we are actually going there when we go. If Addie and Blake like Winnie the Pooh I would also do the Crystal Palace, it has all the Winnie the Pooh characters.

    Also when you get to Dinsey they will have all the shows that are in Disney World...Definitely check out the shows at the Magic Kingdom...they are amazing and the night show at Epcot is really good as well. MGM or I think it's Hollywood Studios has Fantasia and I haven't seen that in a while, but from what I remember that is really cool as well.

    Haha sorry for the long post lol. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

  2. I am excited as you...oh I guess that's because Pops and I are going with you!! ha! It will be here before we know it. My last time there was chaperoning your Poms team for competition. This will definitely be MORE fun! Can't wait!

  3. Wow, this looks like it's going to be an AMAZING trip!! & Christmas party in Disney.... AHH that is so dreamy :) It's like a movie! You guys are going to have a great time! When Tif & I take the kids someday, we'll definitely have to check in with you on all the hot spots, sounds like you are learning all the BEST tips & places to visit! How fun!

  4. How awesome! You guys are going to have so much fun!!

  5. If they like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, they have a show at one of the parks with puppets that you can take them to. It's really cute and it's not just Mickey, it's Winnie the Pooh, and Handy Manny too. Oh, and the Finding Nemo show is super cute too! Since the shows are geared toward kids, they aren't very long to sit through. And, better yet, they don't cost extra! -Deanna :)

  6. the very merry christmas party is really cool. disney at christmas is wonderful. i loved it.

  7. ok Jen, we need a bottle of wine and an empty notebook. I can definitely tell you what worked for my two year old, and what didn't... I also need to tell you about "The Passporter" guide book. It has a guide in it that will help guide you through the parks in the most efficient (AKA FASTEST) way possible. We followed it at EVERY park and we never waited in a line more than 20 minutes. ALSO we need to talk about the EPCOT character spot... I'm telling you. I am out of school on May 27th. Let's meet up!! :-)

  8. I heard that is a place in EPCOT that you can eat with the princesses. Let me know if you want more info on that. We have done Chef Mickey, The Crystal Palace, The Tusker House, Hollywood and Vine for character meals. I am no expert but if you have questions let me know. So excited for you! It is worth every penny when you see their faces.

  9. You also need to look in to the Disney Photo Pass. If you buy the cd before you go it is 50 dollars cheaper and you get all pictures they take on the cd. To print a 5x7 at the parks is about 15 dollars. You can take the cd to Walgreens and print them. Much cheaper in the long run.

  10. The princess dining at EPCOT is at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Okay I will stop posting now :0)

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for all the help ladies! Blogger has really been acting up so I see that some of the comments were erased. BOO!!

    Marie - Girl...you have already been tremendous help. Thanks!

    Mama - This will definitely be more fun than the Pom trip. Girls = drama

    Bre - You and Tiff will have SO MUCH fun taking the kids together! I am looking forward to traveling with Dana and my Brothers/sister-in-laws some day too!

    Deanna - Addie LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all the other Disney Jr. shows so we will definitely have to check those out. Thanks!

    Kris - I am happy to hear that!

    Kate - Consider it a date girlfriend!!!! And thanks for the offer!!!

  12. When we went last year, Alexander loved so many things. We actually found that the fun food places were almost too much and he became so distracted and overwhelmed (especially when overtired), that he melted down. But that might be just my weird kid! It was the early mornings arrivals that works best for us. I have a million tips on what to do to enjoy it all but if you have any early mornings, take full advantage. We went on the kid rides at Magic Kingdom at least a dozen times in a row, simply because the lines were so small. There are very few kids rides at Animal Kingdom (except the fun safari ride) and its about 10 degrees hotter so don't feel like you need to push that one, very few kids rides at Epcot (except for Finding Nemo) but its fun and cheesy for the adults to do Kim Impossible at Epcot (and drink in every country!) if you have adult time, and very few kid rides at MGM but food at the Brown Derby cannot be beat. However, the Magic Kingdom is so worth it. Ok, so I told you I had a few tips! Sorry for all that babble!


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