Friday, May 27, 2011

The Weekend Ahead...

Can I just say I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for the long weekend ahead! Eric is off work, the temperatures will finally be back in the 80s, and we have a TON of fun in store for us.

We get to take a trip to the zoo and see a bunch of these guys....

We are meeting my BFF Tara, her hubby and their adorable kiddies at the zoo this weekend and Addie can't wait to see her boyfriend Connor!!! I honestly can't wait to see my girls Brynn and Cora because I haven't held them since they were born 6 MONTHS AGO!!! And of course, I can't wait to see Tara so we can plan our Harry Potter Finale this summer :-)

In addition to the zoo, we also have a family BBQ to look forward too...

My parents are opening their pool and I don't know who is more excited, Addie...or my brother Ryan :-) He's such a kid at heart. I plan on swimming too, as long as I don't sink to the bottom with all the yummy food I plan to eat :-)

And because I will surely eat like a pig this weekend, I am going to need to squeeze in a little of this too...

I am actually almost done with Week 2 of the Bridge to 10K and I am feeling really good! I am a lot more sore than I thought I would be, but I guess that happens whenever you start to increase distance. Or so I'm told :-) I think it also has something to do with my 30-something body reminding me that I'm not 18 anymore. Ha! I am really looking forward to my 5K in two weeks though because I feel like I might have a fighting chance at breaking my PR. We will see!

So...what does everyone else have in store for this beautiful Memorial weekend?

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  1. sounds like a great weekend is planned for you, Memorial weekend is in the states right? Does that effect your shopping over the weekend?


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