Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Addie & Blake Meet Baby Owen

Today was a very exciting day for our family. A day when you want to have your camera on hand to capture every precious moment.

But of course I forgot mine.

So, here are some of the best pictures and one sweet little video I was able to capture during our visit.

Here is Addie holding Owen for the first time. SO SWEET!

This little chic hogged Owen the entire time we were there. Every time I would pick him up she would say, "Momma it's MY turn!!" Good thing she didn't have to fight with Blake too. He was pretty content just pointing at him :-)

Isn't he PRECIOUS?!!! I see both Meagan and Ryan in him.

I really wanted to get some video of Addie holding Owen and even though our conversation is kind of random in this clip (she was talking about her visit to Barnes and Noble earlier today), you have to watch her little hands. Every time we let her hold Owen, she would rub his head and play with his fingers. It was so freaking cute. She has turned into such a big girl :-)

After the kids big introduction, we decided to take Owen for a walk and let Addie and Blake cool off at the water pad. Last year, Blake chilled in his stroller at the water pad but this year...he was FEARLESS! He was running around like a little crazy man...

He must have fallen down 20 times but that didn't stop him. He just kept going from sprinkler to sprinkler making sure he didn't miss one.

Honestly, I don't know what mom's did in the summer before water pads!!

It was SO NICE getting to see Meagan and baby Owen today and I am even more excited that we get to see them (and Uncle Ryan) this weekend! Maybe I can actually remember my camera this time :)


  1. HaHa!! Did the little guy open his eyes for you today?

    He's amazing! Glad you had a fun day with the cousins and at the pool.

    fyi, the video didn't give me an option to play, but that could just be me and my computer issues.

  2. I just watched the vid of Addie on FB! Too cute!!! I can't see this video though, wonder if it's because I have a PC? Hmm... I'll check back.

    Love the new site!!! Sending you an email tonight. :)

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