Monday, June 13, 2011

Addie's First Recital

Yesterday was Addie's very first dance recital and I am preeeeeeeetty sure she is the cutest ballerina ever :-)

She was so patient about the whole "recital prep" process and actually liked wearing her rollers! She looked pretty darn cute in them too.

She was so excited about her hair she made me take a picture.

I know Daddy has really been looking forward to this day because he has never been able to see Addie dance in class. He was as excited as she was.

But this poor guy was far from happy. I know this is the most pathetic picture, but we had to take it. He wanted to come with us so badly, but he is just too busy to sit through a recital. Don't worry...Great Grandma gave him a Popsicle a few minutes after this pic was taken and all was right with the world :-)

When we got to the theater, the Grandmas made sure to save us seats. We heard that things get pretty rowdy at these events, but no one would dare mess with these birds :-)

Because I missed my picture opportunity at home, I wanted a quick picture before we took Addie into the dressing room. But as you can see, she was feeling a little sleepy from the car ride.

But she perked right up when she saw her girlfriends! Here she is with her buddy Megan.

And here is my sweet Nia Beanie getting her hair done. I like this look on her.

Here is our second try at a picture together. Much better :-)

And here I am with both my girls.

I know that there is simply no good way to contain a bunch of dancers backstage at a recital, but throwing EVERYONE in a giant room wasn't exactly the set-up I would have picked. It was pure freaking chaos back there.

But the girl's teacher, Miss Shelley, is great with them and they all flocked to her like little ducklings.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with her iPhone that had Dora the Explorer playing on it. Ha!

At this point, all Moms were ushered to their seats and then we just had to wait for them to come on stage. When the lights went down and the spotlights came up I was POSITIVE Addie was going to freak out. Dana and I were both sick with worry thinking about how they all were backstage. I didn't know what to expect after the year we have had in class. I was so worried that she would get nervous and not want to go on stage.

BUT...she strutted her cute butt out on stage, smiled, got in line, and sang and danced her little heart out. She was so precious on stage I actually cried. Couldn't help myself. ALL the girls did fantastic and I even saw Miss Shelley wiping away tears. It was wonderful and such a great ending to the year.

As soon as their performance was done, we all headed out to meet them in the lobby. Addie was so excited to see us waiting for her...

And she was so excited to finally get her hands on some flowers :-)

Are these cuties spoiled or what?

We were so lucky to have all of the grandparents there to celebrate with us. Here is Addie with Nana...

And Papa...

And Mommy and Daddy...

And Nana and Papa together...

And Mima and Papa Steve...

And finally...Mima and Papa Steve with both their girls. They were so proud.

We could have taken pictures of these cuties all night but when I saw Addie start to fall asleep standing up...

I knew it was time to change her and hit the road. Here she is walking out with the Ballerina Barbie we gave her :-)

Words can't express how proud I am of this little peanut. 9 months ago I could barely get her to go into class without me...

And now she is an experienced ballerina with a VERY successful recital under her belt :-)

I asked Addie today if she was going to miss dance class and she said no because we would be "going back soon". That's what I like to hear girlfriend :-)


  1. glad everything went well. addie looks so cute. we'll have to have the girls compare stories and dance moves. is she going back there next year? gracie is taking hip hop this summer and then we'll see what for the fall. hope to see you soon!

  2. awww, how cute! i'm so glad that everything went smoothly! poor blake was sad he couldn't come see his big sister dance!

  3. Awe! They all look so cute! Glad the big debut went great! She's gonna be a dancing queen like her momma!


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