Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ballet Dress Rehearsal

We were up bright and early today!!

Because we had to spend a good 30 minutes curing this beautiful hair...

We had to be extra pretty because today was Addie's Ballet Recital Dress Rehearsal!!

Everyone had to be in full costume and make-up

Do you think these girls were excited?

I's not obvious or anything :-)

These two were stuck like glue today.

But let's not forget Miss Audrey. The Three Musketeers were ready to dance!

Here they are with their teacher Miss Shelly.

Before the girls could get on stage, we had to wait for another group to dance.

I think the girls really enjoyed watching them.

And then it was their turn to line up!

They all looked SO FREAKING CUTE all lined up on stage.

It was really hard to get good stage pictures with the lighting, but here is my peanut standing still like a good girl :-)

In fact all the girls did a great stop standing still and waiting for their music. Maybe it's because they were scared stiff. Ha!

But once the music started they all busted out their "Teddy Bear" song and sang louder than I have ever heard them sing in class.

They all did such a fantastic job!!!

Before we left, we had all the girls line up for one quick picture. They had just gotten done taking their professional pictures so as you can see...most of them were over it :-)

We were informed today that there will be no cameras or video cameras allowed in the theater the day of the recital so I am glad I was able to get so many pictures today. I am sure we will snap a million of the girls before the show, but I am happy to at least have some of her on stage. If I wasn't so stressed running around this morning, I might have actually cried looking at my sweet little girl on stage. She did so great...I can't wait for tomorrow!!

Now, in other TOTALLY EXCITING SIL Meagan is in the hospital in labor as we speak!!! Baby Owen should literally be here any minute so stay tuned for the big announcement!!!! What a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. No cameras??? That stinks! I love little girl dance recitals. They are the most fun to watch.

    So how long did her hair take and did it fall out fast or was there some serious hairspray going on?

    Good luck tomorrow and have fun!


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