Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Car Trumps a Ring the Same Way a Slide Trumps a Train

Just last week, I told Eric that we don't do enough "fun stuff" on weekends. We often spend a lot of time catching up on chores and relaxing which is nice...and necessary...but that gets old! So today we decided to make the most of our Sunday!

We started our morning bright and early and headed off to Home Depot. I can't avoid all household obligations...but at least you can have fun while doing them :-)

After Home Depot, we met Nana, Papa, Uncle Adam and Aunt Diana for a belated Father's Day breakfast for my Dad (they were spending time with baby Owen last weekend). My Dad loves going out to breakfast so we thought it was the perfect way to celebrate.

I have been thinking about my Dad's Father's Day gift for weeks now. Usually, my brothers and sister-in-laws and I go in on my Dad's gift together each year because either Ryan or Adam will have come up with some kind of tool he has been longing for. But this year, we all decided to go our separate ways with gifts. So of course I consulted my mom because my Dad is impossible to shop for. He never wants or needs anything (except for socks and underwear which I buy him for some holiday EVERY year. BORING!) Anyway, my mom had the perfect idea. My Dad has been eyeing up this gear ring by Kinekt Designs for some time now...

He won't ever buy anything like this for himself, so I knew it was the PERFECT gift (thanks mama!) So I printed off a picture of the ring and put it in my Dad's card. I felt kind of bad for Adam and Di at first because surely their gift wasn't as cool.

Oh how I was wrong.

You see...this is what Adam and Di gave my Dad for Father's Day...

A CAR!!!!!! They gave him a freaking CAR!!!! His very own Alfa Romeo to restore. My Dad use to restore cars all the time but the demands of work and family have kept him from his hobby for a looooong time. Well...not any longer :-)

Here is Papa with two of his littlest helpers :-)

In the end, my Dad is hoping to restore this car to look something like this...
Isn't she a bute? So why this car you ask? Aunt Judy owns an AWESOME little MGB sportscar that my Dad gets to borrow every year when he does all the maintenance for her. My Aunt has had this car since the 80's so we have all grown up with it. Her car is the little black one on the left...

My Dad has always been in love with this car and I know he has begged my Aunt a thousand times to sell it to him. But she won't budge. She loves her baby. And speaking of cute are these two?

My Dad has been on cloud nine all day and even though I know he is super excited about his gear ring there is no denying it...

A car trumps a ring :-)

Well after a fun and exciting morning, the kiddies were long overdue for a nap.

But when they woke up, we all headed out to the Taste! We ate a TON of yummy food and then the kids wanted to go on some rides. I thought Addie and Blake would really love this train...

And they did...

But this ride was just way cooler...

Little Blakey Boy couldn't ride this one, so he hung out with Papa while Addie went again...and again...and again...

I honestly thought she would be scared to death of this huge slide, but she LOVED it!! She even asked Eric to build one in our backyard. Nice try honey. But it looks like I was trumped again because the slide was WAY better than the train.

Before we left, the kids begged us for some ice-cream and we totally caved and gave them HUGE cups from the Cold Stone Creamery booth. In case you haven't seen what "ice-cream drunk" looks you go.

Both these rascals are asleep now and I PRAY they both stay that way all night because this mama is POOPED!!! But it was such a fun day and totally worth the exhaustion :-)

Now if you'll excuse me...I have some True Blood to watch.


  1. It was a great day from start to finish! Loved every minute of it!

  2. This was one of the best days EVER!!thanks Jen and everyone!!

  3. This looks like a great day! The children look so cute :)
    Ice-cream drunk, bless him.

  4. I love reading your blog. It makes me smile to read about other normal moms and the goings on of their normal lives. By the way... I love True Blood!

  5. I loved this! Crazy but I have my very own 67 MGBGT. My dad was a car-a-holic... and European cars were his thing. Mostly, they break down A LOT and are super tempermental! Worse than women, goooood lord! He was so bad he would see "something" under a tarp, in a car port or whatever and he would literally knock on some strangers door & try to buy it. Lol! But anyway, when he passed he had four vehicles. The MG & a 65 GMC Truck, an E Type Jag & the original 70s Austin Mini Cooper he was killed in (sad!). The Jag was sold to pay some things off & the Mini was totaled... so then there were two. My mom & step dad stored both cars for me (since I was 9) and kept them up decently. While they're both sweet rides, as of recently Brandon & I are tiring of paying to store/redo/fix the two of them. So, we're picking to keep the truck for various reasons. The main one being I have the most memories in it. That means the GT needs a HOME! Trying to sell her... tell Pops to come to WA & I'll give him a KILLER deal. :) Mine is in great shape, black on black, stored inside/covered for the past 13 yrs... those cars are so fickle. :) Cars hold some good memories, for sure! I always chuckle when I see a British car on the side of the road! ;)


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