Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddies Before They Were Daddies

On our very first date, Eric told me that he couldn't wait to have a family. I suppose this should have freaked me out a little, considering we hadn't even ordered our food yet, but to my made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here was a man that knew what he wanted most in life and it just so happened to be the same thing I longed for.

I honestly believe that if you would have asked 2-year-old Eric what he wanted to be when he grew up...he would have said "A Daddy".

He was made for this role. Eric might not be able to be the hands-on Dad that he wants to be, but every morning when he wakes up and busts his butt all day at work, I know these kids are on his mind the whole time. All the sacrifices he makes are for them and I know he learned to be this kind of a father from this guy right here...

My father-in-law Steve has told me many times that being a good Dad takes sacrifice. He sacrificed his time and energy providing for his family and he showed his kids how to be gracious, loyal and hard-working. These are all things I hope Eric and I can pass down to this little cutie right here...

Because some day when Blake becomes a father (God willing), I just know he will be able to look up to Eric the way he looks up to his Dad.

And speaking of amazing Dads to look up too, here is my cute Daddy before he became a Daddy.

When I say that my Dad lives for his kids and grandkids...I mean it with all my heart. He is the most generous person you will ever meet and if any of us needed the shirt off his back...he would give it to us without hesitation. My Dad has always put his family before himself and that is one of the greatest qualities a father could have. We are all SO LUCKY to have him.

And now that this little guy is a father himself...

I am sure he will be looking to my Dad a lot for guidance. Although, I think Ryan is doing a pretty great job figuring things out on his own. Just today, he talked to my mom on the phone about bottle nipple flow and I about died. He has just taken to this new role like he was made for it. I am so proud of him and I just know that this little man is going to know what being a good father is because he has one of the best :-)

So to my sweet baby daddy, my loving Pops, my wonderful father-in-law, my amazing brother and all the other incredible fathers in my life...I wish you a very, VERY



  1. Boy, do you know how to make a dad feel good inside. thank you Jen, I am sooo proud to be your dad, love you always! Oh, I got something in my eye.

  2. This was sweet! I love looking at the baby pictures of the guys we love so much! Happy Fathers Day!!


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