Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey...Remember That Time Jenny Hit a Mailbox With Her Face?

The last time I owned a bike was in 1992. It was a Malibu Huffy (I know you remember these. They were turquoise with hawaiian flowers all over them. They were pretty awesome.) Anyway, I still remember my parents giving me this bike right before the summer started that year. I wanted it SO BADLY but it wasn't long before the bike was in for repairs. And here's why...

My brothers were both playing at the neighbors house when my mom asked me to call them in for dinner. I was more than happy to jump on my shiny new bike and ride down there. On the way back, I got mesmerized by how fast the street was going beneath me. I was watching it with my head down until I saw the cream color of the curb. At that moment I looked up and


I ran face first into my neighbor's mailbox. The impact threw me off my bike and for a second I just laid in the street wondering what the hell had just happened. Then I started crying and SCREAMING for my mom to come out and get me. She couldn't hear me right away so I just stood in the street with my bruised face and banged up bike. The freak-show neighbor just stood in her window watching me.

Finally, Jan came to the rescue and she walked me home. When she saw my neighbor looking at me through the window, she was pissed. Later that night, she marched over and asked her why she didn't come help me. All the woman could say was, "I prayed for your daughter...what did you do for my mailbox?" Like I said...FREAK!

It's been almost 20 years since I hit the mailbox on my bike and I STILL can't live it down with my family. My Mom, Dad and brothers all tell the story whenever they get the chance. It always starts, " remember the time Jenny hit the mailbox with her face?" But what's even better is when that story is followed with, "Hey...remember the time Jenny hit a mailbox with her car?" But that's another story for another post.

Now, the reason I am sharing this story is because I recently decided to purchase a bike. I have been wanting to for a while and now that summer is here, I thought it was finally time to bite the bullet. So I've been doing some research (as usual) and I decided to put out a little questionnaire on Facebook to get some feedback. I actually got a lot of great advice, and I've decided on this Trek 7000 Women's Hybrid.

Cute isn't it?

Now, the funniest part of my Facebook post was when my bloggy BFF Chelsi reminded me how "graceful" I am and that a bike might not be the smartest idea. And then of course my mom chimed in with the bike story. Thanks Mom!

At first I was just laughing at them but now I am starting to it safe for me to get a bike? I mean...I am pretty accident prone. I have issues with coordination, although I did manage to dance for a good portion of my life and I have been running for almost a year now and I haven't fallen down once. Well...except for this one time but it was TOTALLY the squirrel's fault.

So who knows...maybe I am growing out of it??? Can you gain coordination as you get older? I guess the good news is that even if I haven't grown out of it...Nutcase makes some pretty cute helmets :-)


  1. Oh Dear Lord!

    Two words for you sis...



  2. You are so funny :) Sorry to hear about your face, lol! Hopefully things go better this time around ;)

  3. Cute bike! And what a crazy neighbor!!! For real!?!? Wow. Sounds like a total nut job!

    LOVE the helmet! I'm sure you'll hop back on a bike and LOVE it!

  4. Yay! I wish we could go on rides together!!! I know you are going to have a blast. I was a little wobbly at first (and I'm pretty accident-prone) but you'll be a pro in no time!!

  5. Oh my God! How did I miss this post for two whole days??!!! PS, I'm looking like a fool in the middle of a bar at 1am (drinking water, btw) while my husband plays pool I'm laughing my ass off!!!!

    My funniest story involves my BFF & I dressing up in some crazy ass outfit with pom poms sticking out of our pants... well, the pom poms got stuck in both of our spokes & that caused some injuries.

    I can't wait for the mailbox & car story... gahhh! Love it girl! ;o)


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