Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot Coco Blakey Goes to the Zoo...and Witnesses a Murder

Today, my Mom and the kids and I made the most of this gorgeous day and met my friend Barb and her daughter Megan at the zoo! I didn't take many pictures because honestly...once you've seen a zoo picture...you've seen them all.

BUT...a special little baby made her very first trip to the zoo today!!!

I think it is safe to say that Hot Coco Blakey had a fantastic time playing and looking at all the animals.

But to be honest...I'm a little worried about HCB tonight. You see, before we left the zoo, Megan and Addie wanted to see the butterfly exhibit and since pretend babies can get in free...HCB got to go along. The butterfly exhibit is gorgeous and I was so proud of how careful Addie was being. A butterfly even landed on her shirt and she just stood there until it flew away.

All was right with the world until something terrible happened. A very STUPID butterfly decided to catch some sun in the middle of the walk path. Addie and I were busy looking at another butterfly when she went to take a step closer and....well...you know what happened.

Peace out butterfly.

This old woman working in the exhibit quickly scooped him up so that no one (including Addie) could really see the damage that her little princess sandal had just inflicted. But the bisnatch reminded us seventeen times how we need to be extra careful where we walk in the exhibit. The first 10 times I just apologized and told her we were trying our hardest to be careful but by the seventeenth time, I got a little heated and said,

"We are VERY SORRY! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! WE WEREN'T IN HERE TRYING TO KILL BUTTERFLIES!" And if you want my honest opinion...I think it was more of a murder suicide. That butterfly was trapped in this little house with 450 other butterflies day in and day out and I think he was just over it. He was looking for a way out. And he got.

But all joking aside, I was worried about Addie and I hopped she wasn't too upset about the whole thing. When we left, she told me that she was sorry for hurting the butterfly and asked if he would be okay. I lied of course...and told her the butterfly would be fine and she bought it. Thank goodness.

Hot Coco Blakey on the other hand was a little shaken up by the whole thing and when we saw a butterfly on our way to the parking lot...she might have shed a tear. Poor thing. That may have been her last trip to the zoo.


  1. It most certainly was a prison break gone wrong! They have to expect it from time to time. I think Addie is all clear of murder charges :)

  2. Prison break gone wrong! Hysterical Di!! But so true. I'm just glad that Blake and I stayed outside and watched the action from afar!

  3. Oh you guys are hilarious. Of course, you already know my feelings about this. :) When I read the title of this post I kept thinking... why'd they take Hot Coco to the zoo in the summer? Bah! I get it now, how the heck could I forget? Duh.

  4. Hot Coco may never be the same.


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