Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Ran My Fifth 5K Today...

And I set a new Personal Record!!!!!! I ran it in 30:20 and my pace was 9:46!! I know there are people who easily run 5Ks in way less time but for me...this was a huge accomplishment! Plus it was my fifth race and I really wanted to do well!

I brought my running buddy Joe with me today and he did great too.

We actually lucked out big time today because the sky was not looking too pretty when we got to the race this morning...

But it eventually cleared up a bit and it made for a nice cool run :-) My next race is scheduled for June 25th (yes I am addicted) and I am going to shoot for a time under 30 minutes. Signing up for these races has definitely kept me motivated and I look forward to running and having fun with my buddies. anyone else out there planning to run their first 5K this summer? Anyone starting the Couch to 5K?


  1. Awesome job, Jen!! You should be very proud and I am sure you will hit the next goal under 30! WooHoo!

    New Shoes??

  2. Congrats Jen!! I am actually starting the Couch to 5K when I get get back from Disney (June 25th). Katie is in need of a running partner :)

  3. You are amazing! Totes inspired by you :)


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