Monday, June 6, 2011

Menu Monday: Lighten up for Summer

A couple weeks ago, I did a post about wanting to eat healthier this summer (and hopefully from now on) and I got a lot of wonderful comments about cookbooks, websites and magazines to check out. I have been doing LOTS of looking around and I will now be receiving Cooking Light magazine in addition to the millions of other magazines I get each month (Thanks Michelinne) :-) The Cooking Light website is also great and there are already two recipes I plan to try this week:

I really love Kabobs on the grill in the summer and since my kids will usually eat anything they can dip, I thought the creamy pesto sauce would be a yummy touch. I also LOVE chicken marsala and this lighter version got great reviews. I like the addition of peas, since we could all use some extra veggies. I plan to make this with garlic mashed potatoes instead of pasta.

Many of you also suggested I try some vegetarian options and look into healthier eating magazines like Clean Eating. Clean Eating has a GREAT website to look at and if there was any way I could get Eric to eat tofu...I would probably try some of their recipes. There are some salads and lighter lunch meals I may try for myself, but for the sake of getting EVERYONE to eat my dinners, I looked at some other vegetarian options. I found this different take on spaghetti and thought it looked delicious:

I could eat this right off the page it looks so good! But then again, anything covered in cheese looks delicious to me :-)

As I said in my last post, half the reason I want to start eating better is to gain some energy. I feel so tired a lot of days so while I was looking into some of the websites you guys recommended, I decided to visit Pam Smith's website. She has a lot of great tips on living well and there was a "Top 10 Energizer" list that I found really helpful. Some of the things on her list are so simple and should be so obvious (like drinking more water, spending time outdoors, exercising, etc.), but we often forget them. I think drinking water is one of my biggest problems. I love iced tea, coffee, orange juice, etc. and I know I should be drinking more water. So, I have decided to try and drink only water throughout the day and treat myself to coffee in the morning and maybe a tea with dinner. I gotta start slowly :-)

Well that's all I have for today friends! I would like to start Menu Mondays back up because it helps motivate me to try new recipes. If any of you have any great recipes to share PLEASE send them along. I need all the inspiration I can get :-)


  1. I have been searching for great healthy dinner dishes so thank you for posting this! The chicken kabobs sound really yummy!! And you're right...cheese makes everything better!

  2. Ok, so I don't have any genius recipes right off the top of my head, but we grilled both zucchini (sp?) and yellow squash tonight and they were GOOD! I just sliced them hot dog style (long ways, lol!) tossed them with a tad of evoo & Mrs. Dash (no salt!) and then B grilled them and we cut them into pieces. They were good! We also grill pineapple and kabobs a lot.

    Now, my problem was the HUGE brownie with fresh ganache that I ate for dessert... Um, hello!

    And, YES! I totally notice a huge difference when I drink lots of water. I haven't been good about that the last few months.


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