Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Little Owen

It's official! I am now an Aunt of THREE precious little peanuts. The newest is this little guy right here...sweet baby Owen.

I don't know if it was from pure exhaustion from the weekend, or pure joy (probably a combination of both) but I pretty much burst into tears when I saw this little guy today. I have been waiting a LONG 24 hours to see him and when I finally got the little bugger in my arms...I lost it a little. I was just so happy to see that he was healthy. And let me tell ya friends...he is just perfect :-)

This sight right here has always given me baby fever.

But today I was good. Haha!!! I just know that I will get to spend a lot of time with this cutie and I will get my baby fix that way :-) Eric said the same thing, "Whenever we feel like we want to hold a baby, we can drive to Meagan and Ryan's cause you know...we can leave when we are done." So true true :-)

And speaking of the proud Daddy, here he is!!

I've always known that my brother would be a natural Daddy when the time finally came and I was right. He couldn't take his eyes off Owen and even when the nurse came in to show them a few things, Ryan stood by the bassinet and held Owen's hand the whole time. It was very sweet. And I may have cried a little again.

And here is my one and only picture of the proud Mommy.

Poor thing is having some neck pain today and was very tired from her long day yesterday. But I can just see the love in her eyes already. When the nurse came to take Owen to the nursery, Meagan said, "You'll bring him right back?" wasn't a question. She straight up told the nurse to bring her baby right back. It was pretty cute.

We didn't stay long today in order to give the new parents a chance to rest, but I am already counting the days until I can see that little peanut again. He is so precious. I am one lucky Auntie. And speaking of Aunties, if you want to see how Aunt Di and Uncle Adam's trip to the hospital went, hop on over to her blog. They got some great pictures :-)

Well today was Addie's big recital and she did AMAZING!!!!!! Oh my gosh...she was just adorable. I can't wait to share all the pics and stories but I am just tooooooo beat to go there tonight. Plus, I am waiting on some pics from Papa. But I promise to be back with all that tomorrow :-)


  1. congrats to ryan and meagan! so excited for everyone! and the mueller family continues to grow!

  2. Cute pics Jen!

    I lost my laptop to my niece so I will peck out more when not on cell phone


  3. Whooo hoo! Glad everything is well w/mama & baby! Congrats Auntie!

  4. Ah congratulations! He looks ever so cute. They all are until they can talk and walk then its mayhem! Please come take a look at my blogs if you get the chance. It would be greatly appreciated.


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  5. Ok, so I am back! You know if you get a fever and it's "bad", just take two tylenol, sis. You'll get over it, promise ;o)

  6. Ok, so I am back! You know if you get a fever and it's "bad", just take two tylenol, sis. You'll get over it, promise ;o)


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