Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upgrades Baby

Hi friends! I want to start by apologizing for all the mess around here the last few days. Between switching to my new domain name to changing my layout, it has been a disaster. And I don't do messy. I hate it. Drives me crazy. But in the end...I am SO HAPPY with my newer, cleaner, more ORGANIZED blog layout. However, a few people have told me that they are having trouble with my page loading properly. I am not having any trouble with any of my Apples (iPhone, iPad or MacBook) but some PC users are having issues.

If you are having issues with my blog loading properly, please comment and let me know so I can look into it. I am by no means a professional techie so I am sure there are some bugs for me to work out :-) Thanks in advance for letting me know!

As you might have noticed, none of my tabs are up and running yet. They all say "Under Construction" because I am not done with them yet. But soon my friends...very soon. I am having so much fun creating them. I wish I would have discovered static pages sooner!

And finally, I ask all of you to switch your google readers/blog lists/bookmarks, etc. to my new domain address. It should transfer everyone automatically from my old URL, but just in case, the new URL for this blog is www.adailydoseofdavis.com.

Upgrades baby...they are a pain in the bootie :-)


  1. looks good to me!!!!

  2. Jen- The blog looks great...I was so happy to see you still have the list of blogs you love, because I use your blog as my 1st stop and then pop over to a lot of your favorites, who have become some of mine too...maybe I should start following them just in case you ever get rid of that section. Seriously, the blog looks incredible. If I actually blogged on my more often I'd try to hit you up for a redesign. Glad to see all is well.

  3. Thanks Mom and Pop!!

    Amy - I could never get rid of my blog list because that's how I get to everyone's blogs too! I would be lost without it. Ha! I just did a little clean up and removed some blogs that aren't active anymore. But I see that I have a few of my favorites missing so I better get those in :-) Glad you like the new layout! Let me know if you are ever looking for some help with yours! I am going to be a pro after this. Ha!

  4. LOVE the new layout! I wish I knew how to do this stuff.

  5. Everything looks like it should! You did a great job!

  6. Oh, how this blog completely reflects your creative and beautiful personality! Nicely done. And I'm not having a single issue checking it on on my PC!

  7. I know this is an older post, but how did you go about becoming your own dot com? Did you go through a hosting site like GoDaddy?

    Thanks, Tricia


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