Monday, July 18, 2011

Blake, Harry & Bill

My poor little B-man has a killer summer cold. He woke up with it this morning and has been cuddling with me all day. I just don't understand how you catch a cold in the summer? I mean...we were swimming in our pool yesterday (in 90 degree weather)...

And then today he is a sickie-poo! I'm hoping it's just a quick little cold and we will be up and running again tomorrow :-)

And speaking of BFF Tara is arriving for our Harry Potter finale!! I can't believe I've managed to wait so long to see this movie. I am SO excited to see it, but SO sad to say goodbye to my man Harry.

But with all endings comes new beginnings (like that segue?)

A new season of Guiliana & Bill started tonight and Eric and I couldn't wait to sit down and watch it. We seriously love these two. They are about as real as you can get in Hollywood and I love that they just put it all out there. This season looks like it's gonna be a good one, but there is just one thing that I can't understand.

What did Bill do to his hair? He always had the cutest hairstyle (Eric wears his hair the same way :-) and then he debuted this come-over tonight and I don't get it!! Too much time with Donald Trump?

Even with the new hair though...he is still such a handsome man. And Guiliana is gorgeous. What I wouldn't give for her wardrobe!!!!

I realize this is a crazy random post, but it's all I got tonight friends :-) Hope you had a happy Monday and stayed cool in this heat!


  1. Can't wait for drinks and HP!!

  2. Excited you get you hang out & go see HP! I, of course, haven't read any of the books or seen any of the movies! ;) Not my bag! But, B&G I like! What about Tori & Dean? I don't know if they'll be back?

    Sorry Blake has a cold... Boo! Nickolai has had constant ear infections and now has a bit of pneumonia. Yep, joy. Poor guy hasn't felt good in a LONG time which kind of reminds me of how Blake was this winter? Eww.


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