Friday, July 1, 2011

Gracie Girl Turns 4!!

Tonight we celebrated my cousin's daughter Gracie's 4th birthday!! I still remember the day I came to visit Krissy in the hospital to meet Gracie for the first time. And now she is FOUR!!!! Where does the time go?

The Toy Story party my cousin put together was awesome. My other cousin Amy (Krissy's sister) made these adorable cupcakes for the party.

Aren't they so cute? And she just learned how to make and work with fondant yesterday! She is for hire people :-)

Gracie's party was at an AWESOME children's museum and when we got there, the birthday girl was already playing dress up. Oh, and so was her Daddy. He's the one in the lace tutu behind her. Ha!

Addie couldn't wait to give Gracie a great big birthday hug.

And of course, we had to play dress-up too.

Addie even got Blake to play for a minute.

But when she tried to put a dress on him, he ran to go hide.

So my little cowgirl played dress up by herself :-)

This museum had two of Addie's favorite activities: Dress-up and Grocery Store.

They even had a cute little table you could set with plastic dishes.

But like all activities with kids...Grocery Store was only fun for about 10 minutes until we discovered something new. The train table!

Blake was all over the train table the minute he spotted it.

Same with the rock table.

He played...

and scooped for half the party.

But when I told him he could do more digging downstairs...he couldn't believe it! This place was awesome!

They had the most fantastic "fossil dig" where kids could scoop and search for dinosaur bones.

There were also a bunch of little plastic dinosaurs that Blake collected for everyone.

There was so much fun stuff for the kids to do at this place. The majority of them were under 2 so this little play area was a big hit.

And so were the puzzles.

After a good hour of playtime, the kids all came into the party room to sing Happy Birthday! As you can see...Addie was NOT pleased to leave the play area :-)

But once she got to sing Happy Birthday and dive into one of those cupcakes...

All was right with the world.

Before we left, we attempted a kid picture. We all know how well this goes. Blake wouldn't even sit down, let alone smile for the camera.

In this shot it looks like I got Addie and Presley to smile! 2 out of 14 isn't bad I guess. Ha!!

It really was such a fun party and both my kids had a blast. Although, I would have to say that Blake was the most entertained which means we may be going back for his birthday. Woohoo!

Thanks for a WONDERFUL party Kris! Hope Gracie had a great birthday. Love you guys!


  1. glad you all could come! it was really fun! thanks for everything!

  2. That looks like so much fun! And I can't believe how much Blake looks like your husband! They're like twins!

  3. Connor will be proud that both Addie and Blake had on fire hats! You know those are his favorites! Looks like Gracie had a great party.


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