Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Eric and I are watching the Macy's 4th of July fireworks show on TV right now and holy is awesome!


I love watching fireworks in person, but there is something so nice about watching them in my PJs, on the couch, with NO mosquitos to worry about :-)

The kids are both in bed right now and I would feel bad about not having them watch any fireworks tonight...but we got our show in on Saturday night. The beach and recreation club we belong to put on an AMAZING show! We took all the kids out there Saturday afternoon and let them do some swimming and playing first. Then we ate some dinner and waited patiently for the show to start. This little guy was SUPER excited :-)

This was Blake's first fireworks show and I was a little worried that he would be freaked out like his sister was at her first show. But to my TOTAL surprise, all 4 kids (Addie, Blake, Nia and Nolan) all sat in awe for the entire show!! They loved it!!! We were all so happy too because it was a loooooong wait for the show to start and seeing their little faces made it all worth it :-)

On Sunday, we went to our second celebration of the weekend at my Uncle Jerry's house. My Dad's side of the family gets together two times a year...Christmas and the 4th of it's always nice to see everyone after 6 long months. The party was packed and my Aunt and Uncle went WAY overboard. They rented two jumpie houses, a HUGE blow-up slide and of course they had enough food to feed a small country. Sadly, I didn't take a single picture that day because it was too hard to chase the kiddies around and carry my camera. But I am relying on my cousin Krissy for at least a few pics of the kids :-)

After all the excitement this weekend, I was a little worried how the kids would be today. We went to my brother Ryan and SIL Meagan's house to cook-out and celebrate baby Owen's first holiday!!! I am happy to report that the kids were fantastic and we had a great time! Once again, I didn't take that many pictures because the kids kept us busy, but we did manage to get a few.

Of course, Addie spent the better party of the afternoon holding "her baby Owen".

She is just so in love with this little peanut.

And so am I :-)

But of course no one is more in love with this little guy than his proud parents. My Dad and I assisted in a little photoshoot for Meg and Ryan today and while Ryan switched SD cards, I snapped a few quick pics of Mommy and her man.

Aren't they so ADORABLE?!! I can't wait to see the pics my Dad got on Ryan's camera. Don't worry...I promise to share once I get them :-)

And finally, here are two other cute pics we got tonight of Nana and Papa loving on their grandbabies :-)

It's hard to believe this long holiday weekend is already over! I'm kind of bummed Eric has to go back to work tomorrow. But least it's a short week!!

I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July!! I know we did!!


  1. Those really are some great pics! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. I hope my pics turn out OK. I was so happy that our family all got together at Ryans!!

  3. I love Blakes hair! Its getting so blonde & crazy!!! ;o) glad you had a great holiday! It's times like these I wish we had normal jobs w/time off with everyone else. Oh well! I spent three of the days this weekend sick in bed and when I wasn't doing that I was working. Poor me, I know. I'm done whining! ;o)


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