Thursday, July 14, 2011

If I Thought I Could Function on 2 Hours of Sleep Tomorrow...

My bootie would be sitting in a movie theater with my sis-in-law Diana tonight watching the midnight release of Harry Potter...

I gotta be honest...I'm almost sad to go see this last movie because it means that I will have to finally accept that it is OVER! I have been a Harry Potter fan since college and I just can't believe there won't be another book or movie to look forward to anymore!! Thank goodness we all still have two Twilight movies to wait for or we would REALLY be sad tonight. Ha :-)

I may not make the midnight release, but I will get to see it with Diana and my BFF Tara next week!!! It can't come soon enough!!!

Normally, I would gladly sacrifice sleep to go see a movie with my sis, especially a movie as awesome as this. But I had a looooooooong day with the kiddies today. Addie completed her summer camp preschool class and came home with a bunch of crafts and a little award for being an "Outstanding Kid". Pretty sure they all got one. Ha!

But all joking aside, I am very proud of Addie. I can't say there wasn't some crying, but she got over it quickly and always came out of class with a smile on her face. Overall, I think it was a great experience for her and a good practice for real preschool this fall. We just got our orientation letter and I am so excited for her!! I think I am most excited about taking her school shopping :-)

So like I was another busy day today and tomorrow I am hosting a BIG playdate. My friend Laura and her 1-year-old son, my cousin Krissy and her 4-year-old and 1-year-old twins AND my SIL Dana and her two kiddies will be over for some summertime fun! I know the kids will all enjoy playing together (all 8 of them), but it's gonna be a busy morning. Which is exactly why I am NOT going to risk running on 2 hours of sleep tonight. Could you just see me face down in the kiddie pool tomorrow? Ha!

So to all you fellow Harry Potter nuts...have a FABULOUS time at the midnight showing...if you are lucky enough to be there!!

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  1. Don't worry, the pool isn't that deep. HA HA


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