Friday, July 8, 2011

The Kids Latest Photo Shoot

Long gone are the days where my little Blake Boy sits and smiles for the camera. His 1 year pictures were all so amazing, I had to buy a CD with every shot because I couldn't decide which ones to pick!

But 18 months is a whole new ballgame. He wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the camera. He just wanted to run and cry and cling to my leg. I am so thankful though that our very patient photographer allowed us to come back for a second try with him (which was still 98% unsuccessful) but because he wasn't throwing a tantrum this time, she at least got this precious shot.

We tried literally everything we could think of to get this kid to smile and stay in front of the back drop. We pulled out every prop they have, including this random soccer ball...

But we could still only get these pre-cry pictures.

And what a bummer too because his little outfit looked so cute!

Oh well. I said today that if I could just get ONE usable shot of him I would be happy. And we did get a couple so...I'm going to be happy and let this one go. There's always his 2 year pictures, but I think I may send Daddy for that shoot. Ha!

Now, on the flip side of this experience, my little Addie was a doll. She smiled and posed for every single picture. Apparently 3 is the magic number :-)

Isn't she a sweetie?

This is one of my favorites...

See what I mean? She did amazing. I loved every picture they took of her.

The goal of this photo shoot was to get Addie's 3-year pictures and Blake's 18-months, but I couldn't let the opportunity go by without getting a picture of them together. This right here was the money shot (even though Addie was biting her lip)...

This is where Blake was about to lost it. Going...



Isn't Addie rolling her eyes hilarious? I wonder where she learned to do that :-)


  1. It makes everything "real" at least! Someday it will make for some good blackmail!

    Regardless, they all turned out great!!

  2. My little girl addie is growing up too fast, she look so big.

  3. The kids look adorable! I know the feeling. I have been dreading taking the boys for pics, but with Zach being 3 and Mattie already being 19 months, I better get going or else the next pics they get will be school photos! Holy smokes, when did Blake get sooo blond? I couldn't get over how light his hair has gotten


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