Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two Cute Chicks

There has been a lot of chicken talk around our house lately. Aunt Di and Uncle Adam got some new baby chicks a few weeks back and Addie has been begging me to go over and see them. It's been a little hot around here so we have been waiting for a cooler day.

Well, when Eric told Addie that he had to run to Uncle Adam's house tonight, she couldn't hop in his truck fast enough. I called Di and told her she would have a little visitor knocking on her door in a few minutes looking for chickens. I figured she would be all over the new baby chicks but apparently she wanted to reconnect with one of the chicks she met a few months back. And as you can see...they aren't babies anymore.

"Holy Moly" as Addie would say :-)

Can you believe that little peanut is holding that big chickie?!!! She definitely inherited her Daddy's bravery because she certainly didn't get that from me :-)

I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. Addie fell in love with those chicks from the minute she laid eyes on them 4 months ago.

And I guess no matter how big your babies get, they will always be babies to you :-)

Addie wasn't home 5 minutes before she was asking when we can go back. Aunt Di...I think you've got yourself a new farm hand :-) But...we are going to have to figure out what to tell Addie when the chickens disappear in a few months and you suddenly have a bunch of chicken nuggets in your freezer. Ha!


  1. Not only did the chickies grow in those 4 months....look at the difference in Addie in those 4 months! She is such a big girl!!!

  2. My aunt told her kids that their dog went to the farm because he needed more room to run. Sad part was my dad really thought his dog went to the farm...we ended up having to break it to him years later...that was a tough one.

  3. I love that picture of Addie with the big chick! It is so cute!


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