Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Unexpected Reunion

When I got a text from my BF Mandy from House of Rose yesterday informing me that she would be in the Chicagoland area, I had to jump at the chance to see her. It just so happened that she had also made plans with one of my other college besties, Amy, so I got to see her too!!!!

The three of us haven't been together in almost 3 years. Addie and Parker were still babies at the time and Amy's son Jackson was just turning a year old (we were there for his party). Now Jack is 4 and P will be 4 this month!!!!!! Where does the time go?!!

I would have liked to have shopped all day and enjoyed a quiet lunch with these ladies but since ALL of my babysitters were working or out of town...I had to bring the kiddos with me. But thanks to suckers...

And balloons...

My little darlings managed to behave!!!! This is a rarity at the mall these days so I was happy they put on a good show. Haha! They weren't even the only two kiddies with us! Mandy brought baby Sloane and since we were so close to her house, Auntie Meagan brought baby Owen to the mall for his first outing!!! I got to see my besties, my sis-in-law AND my nephew today!!! What a treat :-)

The babies were both fantastic at the mall, of course. I almost forget how easy that was (even though I did NOT think it was easy at the time). They both slept so soundly in their little strollers. So soundly in fact that I almost forgot they were both there!!!! I didn't even get a picture with them!!!!!

But when we stopped at Aunt Meagan's after the mall for a quick potty break, I did snap one fast picture of Owen. Isn't he getting huge?!!!

I begged Mandy to send me a pic of Sloane on her phone so I could pretend like I didn't forget but she hasn't sent it yet. haha! I might not have proof...but I assure you friends...he was ADORABLE!!! Just like his big brothers :-)

I can't begin to describe how happy I am that we got to see everyone today. Mandy and Amy and I decided we needed a real girl's reunion (minus the kiddies of course) so we are going to plan a girl's night in the city VERY soon.


  1. So happy that you hooked up with the girls. All of you still look like Shakers!

  2. I want to join you guys for the girls night in the city! :)


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