Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

It's been a while since we have had a weekend with no plans. It felt kind of nice to be able to schedule last minute get togethers and playdates, especially with people I haven't had a chance to see in a while.

On Friday, "Mawee" came over with a bag full of gifts that she got the kiddies on her family trip to Disney World. She is truly one of the most thoughtful friends I have ever had and the kids love her to pieces.

She got Blake Mickey and Goofy stuffed animals, that he has carried around all weekend...

And she spoiled Addie with a Minnie ponytail holder, t-shirt AND a collection of Disney pins with the lanyard to display them...

And then she got me a Disney scrapbook kit for out trip. She's such a stinker :-)

That's okay "Mawee"...we will spoil you back after we visit there this fall :-)

On Friday afternoon, I got a text from my long lost BFF Tiffany letting me know she was in town just for the night and wanted to have an impromptu girl's night! Of course I jumped at the opportunity, and so did the rest of the crew :-)

Tiffany and our friend Jenny are both preggers right now and they just had to pose for a cute belly pic :-)

It was so nice getting together with the girls to catch up and have a few laughs.

The three of us love reminiscing when we get together and boy do we have some stories. Haha!

Tiffany, her hubby Jake and their sweet little Sophie are all back in Minot, South Dakota right now. In case you haven't seen on the news, Minot was hit by a terrible flood and their town is still recovering. Luckily, Tiffany's home was not damaged but many friends of hers lost everything. So, so sad. It makes you grateful for what you have when you hear stories like that.

But on a lighter night, I am glad that Tiff got to come home and spend some quality time with her family and friends. We all miss her SO much!!!!!! Can't wait until she is back for the holidays.

As you can see, Friday ended up being a fun and busy day for us, so it was nice to just get to hang at home the rest of the weekend. Our awesome neighbors let us borrow this HUGE water slide for our backyard so Dana and my Cousin-in-law Katie brought the kids over for a swim date!

The kids had SO much fun and ended their morning with a little carpet picnic. I had no idea where to put 7 kids and it was too hot to eat outside so...this was my solution :-)

This playdate resulted in a 3 hour nap for BOTH my kids. A rare treat around here. And the amazing thing is that both kids napped together again today. Oh how I wish I could make that happen EVERY day!

Well we have another busy week ahead of us (Addie's last week of summer camp) but I am looking forward to some of the playdates we have lined up. Stay tuned for lots of pictures of cute kids :-)

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