Monday, August 8, 2011

Before & After: My "New" Living Room

When we moved into our house 4 years ago, we only had enough furniture money to buy Addie's nursery set and some family room couches. I LOVE our family room couches. They are huge, over-sized fluffy lay-around-all-day kind of couches that hide stains from kids and dogs and are pretty classic in style. 

Now, when I moved into my first townhome, I bought a set of couches that I loved just as much. I chose to be bold and buy them in red. In my townhome, these couches were beautiful. They fit perfectly with my decor and I always got so many compliments on them. But...that was before Howie, my kids, 3 different moves, and 7 years of sun fading. My poor red couches were just BEAT UP! But we had a living room to fill with furniture so the red couches stuck around. I bought new toss pillows and put a few throws over the back and decided I would make do with them until we could buy new ones.

That was 4 years ago and as you can see...the red couches are still in our living room.

Because our living room became the room for any furniture that didn't have a place elsewhere in the house, it quickly lost any kind of color scheme or style. That is specifically why I never painted the boring beige walls...there was no point. As my brother Adam always says, "There's no point in polishing a terd." Haha!

Anyway, I did my best to change this room around over the years by getting new curtains and putting up a small gallery wall.

That was usually enough to keep me satisfied but this summer I realized that it was time to say goodbye to the red couches. I was over them. O.V.E.R. Stains are not coming out, the sun fading is getting horrible and I felt like we just weren't utilizing this nice big room. 

So that's when I started thinking about a room REdesign. Eric and I both agreed it was silly to get new couches right now with the kids still so young (and sloppy) and with a vacation to save for...we really couldn't afford it. Plus, we already had a gorgeous set of couches in our family room that were frankly too big for that space anyway. So the decision was made...the family room couches were going in the living room.

After a fresh coat of paint and some new toss pillows...we had ourselves a whole new room!

It is AMAZING what a fresh coat of paint will do for a room. None of this furniture is new (the coffee table was in storage from our old house) but in this looks like a brand new set!!! I just love how it turned out.

But what I love more than anything in this room is my new gallery wall!!!

I posted a week or so ago about wanting to do a gallery wall that mixed picture frames with other items like mirrors, word art, etc. I found this gorgeous round mirror at Target and the rest of the frames and word art were from other places in my house! It just all came together so nicely.

I actually had a few more frames I wanted to add to the wall but once I got these pieces up, I felt like it was enough. I didn't want to over do it. Looks like a picture straight out of Pinterest right? Ha! are probably wondering what we did with the family room since we robbed it of it's couches. Well...we were going to try and find slip covers for the red couches but then Eric reminded me that his old "Man Couches" were still in the basement and we could use those. The thing about the man couches is that they are super comfortable (they are LAY-Z-BOYs) but they look like man couches. They really aren't my style. But because they are neutral colors, in great shape, super comfy and FREE...we decided to bring them up from the dungeon and reuse them. I hate to admit this...but I almost like them in this room! I want to add some cute toss pillows and throws to style them up a bit, but so far I am happy with how that room is turning out too. And having normal size couches in that room makes it look SO much bigger! I'll try to post pics of that room once I finish. I think it may need fresh paint too. Haha!

So there ya go! A brand new living room for the cost of paint, toss pillows and a new mirror. REdecorating is the way to go people :-)


  1. I love posts like this!! I'm getting ready to move myself and can't get interior design off the brain! You did great! LOVE the color, do you mind sharing what it is?

  2. You did a great job, Jen. the painting looks great, so maybe you can come to my house and paint too!! and I could always use a painter on my jobs, well?

  3. Love the gallery wall! It looks great!

  4. It looks great! I love the colors and of course your feature wall too :)

  5. Love it! I love that room... and I love those couches! In fact, I wish my ass were planted right square in the corner of one RIGHT NOW!!! :) Great job being resourceful and reusing items! Not everyone has the budget for such EXPENSIVE taste that so many blogs tend to focus on. :) Love ya!


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