Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana!!

Today is your birthday 
and we just wanted to say

You're the greatest Nana in the world
Hip Hip Hooray!

You spoil us rotten
and give us candy for lunch

But our mommies and daddies don't care
cause they love you a bunch

You sing silly songs
and let us play with money

And we if we break something in your house
you just say, "That's okay honey"

We wouldn't trade you for all the orange tic-tacs in the world
even if there were a trillion

We love you so much, Nana
you're one in a million

We know this poem is silly
but what can we say

We just wanted to wish you

~Love the cutest grandkids in the world,
Addie, Blake & Owen 


  1. You know me so well! Thank you for a great birthday weekend!!

  2. Happy Bootday to youuuuu, Happy Bootday to youuuuu!

    Happy Birthday ya ole bat! hehehheee

    I love you! (that's how ya know you are loved by the way - me pokin' fun)


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