Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Nia!!

You see this silly little peanut?

Well she turns 4 today!!!

I can't believe it. My little Nia is 4-years-old!!! She has grown into one of the sweetest, smartest, funniest little girls you will ever meet. I love that she wants to call and talk to me every morning and I love that I get to be such a big part of her life. I am one lucky auntie :-)

Because Aunt Dana and Uncle Kevin have a big birthday fun-day planned for Nia today, they had her birthday party last night. And boy...was it FUN!!!

It rained for most of the morning and we were all a little worried that the sun wouldn't come out for the party. But wouldn't you came out just in time for the kids to arrive!

And they were mighty happy to see each other.

No one loves being outside more than my little Nolan. Isn't he such a cutie? I love this picture of him. He looks so grown up!

The girls and Brennan spent a good 15 minutes hugging each other and rolling around the yard.

And then Miss Audrey joined in on the fun.

There was a lot of wrestling going on but don't worry...Great Grandpa was out there to supervise :-)

Meanwhile, Blake was in the house doing a little bonding with Papa Steve. I have absolutely no idea what they were watching...

But Blake was totally into it :-)

Well...that is until he heard all the fun outside.

I'm pretty sure that all the kids would have stayed outside all night if we would have let them, but as soon as they heard the words "FOOD" and "BIRTHDAY CAKE" they came running. These kiddies don't shy away from a meal :-)

OR a ginormous princess cake. Doesn't it look delicious?

Do you know who is responsible for making this gorgeous cake? This girl right here...

I think it turned out AWESOME and Nia definitely agreed. 

So here is the birthday girl (and her BFF sidekick) singing Happy Birthday

And here is her HUGE pile of birthday loot. These kids aren't spoiled at all are they?

I think it's amazing how excited kids get about presents, even if the presents aren't for them!!

Just look at them swarming the pile.

Nia got so many cute toys and clothes tonight.

But one of the coolest things she got was a Tinkerbell TV from Mima and Papa Steve! The kids couldn't even wait 10 minutes before they were begging Aunt Dana to hook it up and turn on a movie. Here they are waiting in Nia's bed. Such cuties :-)

And speaking of cuties...(I'm talking about Addie, not me. Ha!)

After my post yesterday, I listened to my bloggy friend Tri-Star's advice to start cutting some sugar out of my diet and if you can believe it...I didn't have a single bite of cake!!!!!! I might have had some wine and a sickening amount of taco dip but hey...we all gotta start somewhere right?

We really had such a fun day and night celebrating Nia's birthday and even though we won't see her today, I am sure the kids will be singing Happy Birthday to her for at least the next two weeks. Ha! We had a mini birthday party playdate yesterday and this was our celebration. Please disregard the fact that I am using old Halloween plates for the kids. They didn't even notice :-) But cute are their singing voices?

Happy Birthday Beans!!! Aunt Jen, Uncle Eric, Addie, Blake and Howie all love you to pieces!!!


  1. My ears still hurt from that singing, Happy birthday, Nia!

    From POPS! check out the name Ha Ha Ha!

  2. Awww..Happy 4th Birthday to Nia! She is a dollbaby. The party looked like fun & that cake was so cute :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Nia!!!

    Great job on the cake Dana! Very impressed!


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