Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It Feels So Nice to be Nice

Even though we live in one of the smaller suburbs of Chicago, our town doesn't have a post office. We use to have a little one inside of a bank for years but they recently closed it and left us with a 25 minute drive to the next town over. I never realized before how inconvenient this was but apparently the rest of the town thought so as well.

About a year ago, this sweet lady opened up a little Mailing Shop in town. They sell packing supplies and you can pay to ship your package from UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. The only way I can see that this shop makes any money is if you pay to mail your package through them or buy a few packing supplies. But sadly, all I see are people dropping off pre-paid packages for her to mail for them. She gladly does it with a smile on her face, even though she doesn't make a penny.

Today I went into this mail shop with a package I needed to return to Zappos. It already had it's pre-paid label on it so I was just going to drop it off. But as I was walking in, I dropped the box and the packing tape split open. This also caused my prepaid label to rip!! The sweet lady that runs the store was there, like she is every single day, and she walked over and grabbed the package from me. She said, 

"Well hi there honey! Let me help you with that. I have a role of tape on the counter."

I showed her the ripped label and she said that we can probably print another one off the computer. So she grabbed her laptop, let me log in to my Zappos account and print another label. She taped everything up nice and neat and put it in the UPS pile. Then she said, 

"Thanks for coming in sweetie! Have a good day!"

This woman could have charged me $5 for a new roll of packing tape and another $12 for a new shopping label. Better yet, she could have ignored me completely as I wrestled with the door and my beat-up package. But she didn't. She chose to be nice and compassionate and I left her store feeling like I should go back in and bring her a tin of cookies or something. She went out of her way to be nice to me for NO other reason than to just be...well...nice! 

I wish we could all wake up with that attitude every day. Being nice to someone and making their day feels SO MUCH better than being mean to someone and ruining their day. And when someone is nice to me, I want to pay it forward. So maybe we should all do that this week! Maybe we should all try to leave  nice comments on each other's blogs for no other reason than to just be nice. Say hello. Thank someone for the yummy recipe they shared. Compliment someone's cute baby. You never know...your nice comment (or action) could really make someone's day.

And if you need a cute 20-month-old baby to compliment, I've got one for ya.


  1. You are so right! It only takes one second to make someones day, so why don't we do it more often? Be friendly to a server, say thank you, hold a anything! You could seriously make the difference with such little effort. And if you can't, then keep it to yourself. Contrary to popular belief, misery does not love company and should be left home alone!

    Thanks Jen for sharing the story and for that SUPER DUPER cute little tractor boy!

  2. Thanks for sharing a great story. I drop boxes off at their store all the time and they always say "have a great day."

    I found a great smile quote to share. It says...If someone is too angry to give a smile, leave one of your own. Because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give! Love this!

    Could our little Blake-man be any cuter? Love him to death!

    Thanks Jen for changing the tone of your blog by removing the negative AND the mean-spirited. That makes all of us winners!!! Love you!

  3. I have been thinking about this, too. Words have so much power over us! One nice comment or gesture can make our day! (And one mean thing can ruin it!) It's so easy to let something negative slip out, but how often do we take the time to encourage someone? We need to learn when to keep our mouths shut and when to open them!! And you are right, I think this sweet lady does need a tin of cookies!!

  4. Thanks girlries! I love all 3 of you :-) And yes...our tractor boy is freaking precious!!

  5. Nothing like paying it forward. I'm sure the next person you saw, you were extra nice to. Love how that works!!

    Loving that little boy. Such a cutie!

  6. I agree that it only takes a moment to do something nice. Last time I took the girls to eat out, Sam made such a giant mess. I just feel bad for the sever who has to clean it up. So I always wipe up and pick up as much as I can. Some other customers noticed and were shocked that I did such a nice thing. They gave me such a nice compliment about it. So it's nice to do things like that without even thinking and have someone notice it and return the favor. :)

  7. I love this concept! Can I copy it for my bloggy? Blake's cute. Addie's cute. You're cute. And I am convinced we would be friends IRL. Thanks for writing a blog that uplifts my day!

    PS I have a bet you make cookies and bring them to the nice little lady who helped you. :)

  8. Oh and can most certainly share this concept on your blog! We need a LOT more NICE floating around the blogworld :-)

  9. Hey I am a suburban Chicago girl who lives in a small burb. What one are you in? Maybe we are neighbors and don't even know it. LOL


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