Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Birthday Surprise

Today was my very dear friend Mary Kay's birthday. Mary Kay and I worked together at the college before I left to be a stay-at-home mommy and I can't begin to express how much I miss seeing her on a daily basis. Mary Kay started as just my coworker, but she grew to be one of my greatest friends and I honestly don't know what I do without her. She doesn't let a single holiday, anniversary or birthday go by without sending me (or the kids) a card or gift to let us know she is thinking of us. She is one of the few people that visits my blog every day and she tells me that she does it because it makes her feel like she still gets to see me. I could cry just typing that :-)

So when M.K.'s birthday started rolling around this year, "Auntie Mawee" thought it would be a great idea for the kids and I to come up for a surprise birthday visit. Needless to say...Mary Kay was VERY surprised to see us and she greeted me with a huge hug. M.K. is also a bit of a crier when she gets happy and she may have shed a tear or two. But once she was able to wipe them away, we got a quick picture.

I just love this lady to pieces. 

The added bonus of getting to go to the college today was seeing all of my other old work buddies!!! My  friend Deanna actually took over my position when I left and it was SO great to see her after all this time!

Dea and I had a lot to catch up on and I was happy I could wish her luck in person for her BIG Triathalon this weekend! She will have to be my coach if I ever try to do one of those some day.

I also got to see my old buddies Ken, Marie (A.K.A. Auntie Mawee), Lindsay, Mike and I got to meet a few new student workers. Oh, and Nana made a trip up with me too so she had to be in the picture. After all, my friends were just as excited to see her :-)

I really, REALLY missed being on campus today. Not enough to make me want to give up my time at home with the kids, but enough to make me realize that I did have one of the BEST jobs ever. Or maybe it was just that I had the best work buddies ever :-)

Either way...I am so happy we made the trip up! It was wonderful seeing everyone and I think Mary Kay was genuinely surprised. Mission accomplished :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY M.K.!! Love you bunches!!


  1. Yeah, sure. Make me tear up. Love the quote... I mostly repin everything you pin on Pinterest. ;)

  2. Ok, now I'm a blubbering mess! I don't know how you kept that a secret, girl. I would have blown it somehow if it were me. So great to see you, the kids, and Jan yesterday! I miss our extra long e-mails that were sprinkled with work questions, our extra long lunch dates that involved shopping, night time dance conditioning classes with your cousins, etc. And, thanks for your well wishes for the race this weekend! xoxoxo -Deanna :)

  3. Awww that is so awesome!! I love working on a campus and love my team also!! I'm sure you miss it but wouldn't trade your time at home for the world! So nice that you went from a great situation to another great situation! :-0

  4. It was wonderful to see everyone at work with you Jen. I feel like they were (are) all MY friends too! Everyone looks great and it truly felt like old times!

    Good luck this weekend Deanna! You will do great!

  5. Chels - Our Pinterest boards are going to be identical because I pin all your stuff too. Haha!

    Deanna - Aw...now you have ME tearing up!! I miss our e-mails, shopping lunches and classes together too. I think we need to add some of those to our schedule. I miss ya girl! And GOOD LUCK this weekend! I know you will do fantastic :) xoxo

    Megan - I don't think I ever realized you worked for a college too?! How fun! Can't believe how big your little guy is getting. Time flies as a mommy doesn't it?

    Mama - I'm retty sure you were present for MANY lunch shopping trips with Deanna and I. That is of course why they miss you too. Haha!


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