Monday, August 15, 2011

"Menu Monday" Meets "That's So Pinteresting"

I can't believe it. I actually wrote out my weekly menu this week! It's been close to a month since I did this but when I realized we had eaten take-out 5 times last week...I knew it was time to get back to business. I have just been such a slacker this summer with cooking!! We've lived off sandwiches, watermelon and pasta salad for the last month and now that my kids won't even look at a watermelon, I figure I better start changing things up a bit. So I went in search of some new dinner inspiration on a little site called Pinterest and found two great meals and a snack to try this week. Here is my menu:

Sunday: Rotisserie Chicken from grocery store with garlic roasted red potatoes

Monday: In order to use up the leftover chicken from Sunday's dinner, I made this Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Noodles recipe.

{I thought this dish was pretty delicious considering it was made from leftovers. I would definitely make it again}

Tuesday: Petite Lasagnas and asparagus. My SIL Meagan shared this recipe with me because she said they were delicious!

Wednesday: Pot Roast and Potatoes...because everyone is dreaming of Fall :-)

Thursday: It's Daddy Daycare night because Mommy has a faculty meeting, so we will be making frozen pizzas and since I was already buying wanton wrappers for the lasagnas, I grabbed some egg roll wrappers as well to make these yummy treats.

{all you do is wrap string cheese in egg roll wrappers and deep-fry (or bake). YUM!}

Friday: Burgers on the grill with sweet potato fries and corn on the cob. One last summer meal :-)

So...has anyone else gone CRAZY pinning new recipes? Or has anyone just found any new recipes that they are crazy about? I have had comfort food on the brain ever since the weather started to cool a bit around here. I know it's early, but I am dreaming of pumpkins and spice :-)


  1. I've got comfort food on the brain too. I made a pot roast over the weekend and today I made homemade veggie soup. I'm obviously ready for Fall. I really need to start menu planning better. I actually wrote down about 4 days of recipes the other day and shopped for the ingredients. Believe it or not, it's made these past 4 days easier. I'm gonna have to get back into the swing of it!

  2. I'm with ya Mommyblogger! Having these meals planned with the ingredients does make this week seem easier! It was 3:00 today and that's when I am usually rushing around trying to figure out what to throw together (or order) and today I was ready to go with a meal! If I could just do that EVERY week instead of once a month, I would be in good shape. Ha! By the way...your veggie soup sounds awesome!

  3. Am I the ONLY person who doesn't pintrest?? I've been waiting for my invitation for weeks now...and I didn't even think about menu planning from it! Another reason pintrest needs to kick it up and send me an invite asap :)

  4. may be the only one not on Pinterest. Haha! But i just sent you an invite so hopefully it will show up soon!! Look is CRAZY addicting!!

  5. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! I just got it :) Thank you SO much!!


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