Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Teacher's Bag of Tricks

Tonight is my annual faculty meeting and dinner at the college and I am really looking forward to it! I get to dress up and talk about rhetoric and composition all night! I know that may not sound like much fun to some of you, but I have missed it. A LOT!

I see online today that my class is already full with a wait list. Trust me...this has nothing to do with me. I just happen to teach on a popular night and everyone is always beating down the door. Funny...I never had this happen when I taught Friday nights. Ha!

The two things I love/hate about teaching college English is that I don't get a classroom to make my own and I don't get to talk to student's parents. I love this sometimes because let's be honest...setting up a classroom can be a LOT of work and I am fairly certain that dealing with parents all the time is no piece of cake either. But, sometimes I wish I did have the ability to talk to a student's parents and say, "Can you please remind your son/daughter that class starts at 7:00, not 7:45. Thanks". Haha! I also sometimes wish I had the ability to set up a classroom and keep all of my materials in one place, as apposed to lugging them with me in a bag all over campus. 

But over the years, I have learned to be resourceful. Because of student/teacher theft, classrooms don't always have staplers, dry erase markers, tape, etc. so I have a handy little bag in my purse with all of my own supplies. I also find that lots of college students don't travel with pens, pencils, paper or books half the time, so I come prepared so there are no excuses. I ALWAYS have an extra pen and paper for notes. And finally, because I like to circulate around my classroom all night, I find that using a notebook for my lesson plans is a lot easier than a big binder (which is what I use to use). But then another adjunct teacher friend of mine told me that she has been using a clipboard for like 5 years because it is easy to carry around. How smart!! And I see that my beloved Target has some super cute recycled ones for less than $5. Sweet!

I just love learning new teacher tricks, especially when all of your tricks have to fit in one small bag :-) Sometimes I wish I could get my hands on one of Mary Poppins' bags and be able to pull out whatever I wanted or needed.

Or maybe now that the series is over, I could possibly get my hands on Hermoine's little purse. She pulled a tent with bunk beds out of that thing!

Oh well. I guess for now I will keep carrying the trusty Coach bag that my mom bought me as a gift when I taught my FIRST English class 10 years ago! Best money ever spent :-)

Well I'm off friends! I have some things to get ready for tonight (including my face). But if any of my other teacher friends out there have some great tips and tricks for carrying your classroom in a bag, feel free to comment!!

Happy Thursday!!


  1. i would need to carry a POD!

  2. Those clipboards are really cute! Now if I could have one of those magic bags too!

    Hope you had a good time at your kick off!


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