Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Summer is All About

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately and I am SO THANKFUL that we have been able to enjoy these last few weeks of summer with our friends and family. In case you were wondering, THIS is what summer is all about:

Watching Fireworks With Your Cousins...

Our town had it's annual festival last weekend and Aunt Dana and Uncle Kevin have the most PERFECT view of the fireworks show from their backyard. So all the kiddies camped out to watch them...

It was a great much so that Addie and Audrey couldn't even look away for a picture. Ha!

Watching Parades and Eating LOTS of Candy

Addie's little buddy Megan came over to watch our town's parade last weekend and I have never seen two girls more excited for candy in my life!

Look at them sitting with their little buckets. We filled those to the top!

Daddy was pretty excited to watch the parade too and he came stocked with beer :-)

But he couldn't watch the parade alone. His little buddy needed a lap to sit on.

Especially since Papa's lap was already taken :-)

But then when he saw Nana's lap was free he was over there in a heartbeat.

Once the parade started, I was a little worried that the kids wouldn't like all the sirens and noise. Addie did cover her ears a few times...

But once she realized that all these floats and vehicles threw CANDY...she started working it for them.

She was pretty crazy for the marching bands. Even Blake danced along. This is my Junior High marching band that my brother Ryan was proudly a part of :-)

And there is Great Uncle Dave! The kids thought it was so neat to see him walking in the parade.

As you can see, the kids got WAY more than candy. Addie even got this great beach ball!

Blake was so fascinated with everything. He just danced and clapped his hands at everyone that walked by. Such a cutie.

This poor character had to be ROASTING inside that suit. But the kids loved him so it was probably worth it.

We finished out the parade with another marching band. Just look at Addie's face. Hilarious :-)

Trips to the Farm

It's important to dress the part when you plan to spend the morning on Aunt Diana and Uncle Adam's farm. So Addie wore her, "Dirt Makes Me Cuter" John Deere shirt and Blake wore is, "T is for Tractor" John Deere shirt.

Blake took the best modeling picture.

But it's only because I bribed him with a cookie.

When we got to the farm, Papa surprised us with a visit.

And so did Nana.

Everyone just wanted to be there to witness the "Chicken Whisperer"

I still can't get over this little peanut and the chickens. She is CRAZY about them!

And as you can see...they are crazy about her too. They followed her everywhere. Although, I am sure that had nothing to do with all the food in her pocket. Ha!

Blake even got in on the action this time and fed some of the baby chicks (who aren't really babies anymore :-)

I think I need to frame this picture for her room. 

Trips to the Splash Pad

Whoever invented the "Splash Pad" deserves a big old kiss from every Mom with young kids. Seriously. These kids go bananas over the splash pad and it is a great place to get wet and have some fun without the need for floaties and life vests :-)

Although, even the splash pad requires toys. We can't go there without buckets anymore.

And we certainly can't go there without at least one kid getting silly in the sprinklers. Here is Addie. "washing her bootie".

And here's Nia joining in. Ha!

The splash pad near us also has a great playground attached to it so the kids usually climb that to dry off.

Blake is usually too interest in the water to mess with the playground.

Unless he can take his buckets with him :-)

Running 5Ks

Oh come know I couldn't let the whole month of August go by without running at least one 5K. And this was a fun one. It was so close to my house that I could actually walk to the starting line. We all had a great run and my friend Dan even came in First Place in our age group!! Woohoo! And if you can believe it, I came in 4th for women in our age group. But don't be too impressed, there were only like 5 people in my age group in this race. Ha! But I was close to a medal so I'll take it :-)

Taking Walks

Taking walks with the kids is one of my favorite things to do, especially since they both enjoy it so much. Sometimes we all like to ride in the wagon...

Sometimes we ride our scooter...

And sometimes we like to just walk with our best friend...

 And the fun doesn't stop there. We also took a trip to the beach and the girls got to have a sleepover with Mima and Papa Steve this week! I am still looking forward to a trip to the zoo before summer is over but I'd say we've done pretty good making the most of this beautiful weather. There is more fun in store this weekend so stay tuned for more pics.

Happy Thursday friends!!! 


  1. Jen- I am super impressed at the way you recapped so many outings. I have taken a break from blogging because I am overwhelmed by the amount of events we've been part of in the last few weeks. I may have to steal your format for my recap post because this inspired me to just deal with the crazy amount of pictures and stories I've been gathering.

  2. I sooo want to be a kid again. I swore I would never say that too!


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