Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why Don't Chickens Wear Underwear?

My Sweet Sis-in-Law is having a FABULOUS giveaway on her blog today and in case you aren't a follower of The Apple Pie Gal (which you TOTALLY should be), I just wanted to pass along this information. In case you didn't know, Diana and my brother Adam are actually bee keepers (among their many other talents). Yes friends...they raise bees and harvest their own fresh honey. It is an amazingly time-consuming project but they both have so much fun doing it and they are making quite a little business for themselves!

If you want to read about their adventures in bee-keeping and see how they harvest their honey, you must read this post. They are pretty amazing, especially my brother Adam who suits up and handles these bees.

AHHHH!!! No thanks. I'll stay at the other end of the yard with Di :-)

After all the scary stuff is done, Di, Adam, their friends and family members come out for some harvest fun. She calls them her "Worker Bees". Too cute :-) I mean, someone has to fill all those honey bears!!!

And once they are complete, you have yourself a perfect bear filled with Pig Pen honey. YUM!!!!! I have sampled quite a bit of this and let me just tell ya...you won't find anything like it at the grocery store. These bears are for sale, but Di has decided to give away honey bears to THREE lucky readers! Pretty awesome right?

It's super easy to enter. Just head on over to Di's blog and leave a comment that will brighten her day. She asks that everyone show off their wit and wisdom and the very first commenter of the day told a joke that made my mom and I laugh SO HARD!! It goes something like this:

Why don't chickens wear underwear?


Because their pecker is on their face.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Awesome. It may be my new favorite joke :-)

Alright friends...quit reading my blog and head on over to win some of the best honey in the world!!


  1. I love your sisters blog! I was excited to see that post here! You should really look in to http://www.greencupboards.com/ I'd be interested to hear your feedback on the idea of "greening" the home. Loved the chicken joke!

  2. Stumbled your blog and got a good laugh at the joke!!

    SOOO afraid of bees, so much respect to your sister.

  3. I have been following you for a while now and love your posts and your family is precious!! I don't know why I don't follow your sister since it seems she and her husband and me and my husband are so similar! My husband just made a comment about wanting to add bees to our gardening adventures!! I am so excited even though it is a little while down the road that we will do so. I am headed over to start following your sister now!!

  4. Thanks Jen! And thanks all for the nice comments :O) everyone! Laughter is always my favorite medicine!


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