Friday, August 26, 2011

Why You Should Always Listen to Your Momma

A few weeks ago, I sat down at my desk with my computer, iPhone, planner and dry erase calendar from the fridge. I was determined to get all of our schedules updated for fall. We are going to be super busy around here this September and I wanted to make sure that Eric and I both knew his schedule, Addie's preschool and dance schedule, and of course my teaching schedule.

For two months, I have been prepared to start teaching on September 1st. I started getting my syllabus together after my faculty meeting last week and planned on getting everything else squared away this weekend. You that I was more than prepared for my first day next Thursday.

Well, yesterday afternoon my mom called me and told me that the assistant at her Chiropractor's office mentioned that he started classes this week at the same college where I teach. She asked me if I was sure that I started class next week and I explained to her that the date had been on my calendar since June. I also told her that there is another make-up faculty workshop for those adjuncts that couldn't make the meeting last week. I mean...why would there be a workshop after classes start? Plus, some night classes do start a week later due to holiday schedules. I just figured this was the case for mine this semester.

An hour after getting off the phone with her, Addie, Aunt Dana and Nia and I headed to the girl's new Ballet studio for an open house. While we were waiting in line to buy shoes, I heard a mom telling another mom that her daughter started classes at my college this week. I said to Dana,

"Wouldn't it be awful if somehow I got my start date wrong and my class started TONIGHT!"

Dana then reminded me of the time she didn't remember that she had to work until a few hours before she had to be there and had NO babysitter lined up. And Dana is a surgical nurse so when she is on the schedule...she has to be there ON TIME!

After my mom's phone call, the woman in line, and Dana's recollection of forgetting about work...I thought I had better just double check the course calendar online. I KNEW it was going to say a start date of September 1st, but I checked anyway. As soon as my phone stopped loading, my heart sank.

My class started in 28 minutes.

The next half hour was a blur. I was able to get in touch with my awesome adjunct coordinator who informed my waiting students that I may be a little late, I literally threw Dana, Addie and Nia out of my car, grabbed my class books and drove the longest 10 minute drive to campus ever. I then sprinted through the ginormous parking lot in ballet flats and at one point, I hurdled a bush.

I walked into my classroom at 7:07...and there were still students arriving. No one seemed put out by my slight tardiness and since I have taught this class many times before, I was able to do 95% of what I usually do on the first night (aside from being able to give them any copies of material). I guess this semester is just as good as any to go green :-)

I am so relieved that the class went as well as it did. They were talkative, energetic and to them...I hopefully seemed more put together and prepared than I felt. But good Lord...was my anxiety and stress running at an all time high! I haven't been able to shake this feeling today either! In 9 years of teaching, I have never been late to a single class. I have never arrived unprepared and now I know feels AWFUL!!!

I have so many other things that I wanted to blog about today. You know, like an eco-friendly post on back-to-school essentials from, or a welcome post for my cousin Diane who just started a fabulous new blog, or even a little sneak peak at what Eric and I have planned for our anniversary this weekend (and I will eventually do all of these things). But instead, I am reliving my traumatizing night because I need to know I am not the only idiot that has ever done something this. Has anyone else been completely convinced that they were suppose to be somewhere on a certain date and found out at the last minute that it was the WRONG date? I know a family friend of ours showed up to our reception hall the day after our wedding. There was another wedding going on and they were totally confused...and embarrassed! She had just wrote the date down wrong.

I know this has to happen pretty often I'm sure...but last night I felt like a jackass. I guess I should just be grateful though that I did finally take my mom's suggestion and double check my class. If I hadn't, I would have had 22 VERY upset students last night.

So thanks Momma!! I'll say it because I know you are waiting to hear it. You were right. You really hit the bullseye on this one...

Haha! I love every opportunity to use this picture :-)

So there's a lesson for ya friends...ALWAYS listen to your momma!


  1. OMG! That is SO something I would do. Damnit!!! I'm totally notorious for being tardy and it's constantly something I'm working on but I have certainly been stuck on just KNOWING that my "in time" is X and being totally wrong. Twice that I can remember. UGH!!! Worst feeling EVER! I hope that you recover from it soon! LOL!

  2. I love you for the "you told me so" apology but DISLIKE you for the picture.

  3. Oh my gosh Jen! I share in your need to have a plan so I would totally need a few days to recover from that surprise too. But you are an awesome instructor so I am sure the students couldn't even tell.

  4. isn't it Hell to get Old?

  5. 28 minutes?! You are such a goof! At least you were dressed and about. As opposed to knee deep in a poppy diaper! :)


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