Thursday, September 1, 2011

Addie Meets Her Teachers

Today I got to take Addie to her preschool to meet the teachers she will be spending the next year with. I know I have only met these women two times now, but I love them. SO sweet, so gentle and so patient. 

Today was an open house so there were kids and their siblings EVERYWHERE! And all the kids (including Addie) kept coming up to the teachers with silly statements like, "I have a basement at my house". I just stood and looked at these two women and thought, "Thank God for people like you". I see why I chose to teach college English :-)

I was a little worried that seeing her preschool and meeting the teachers would give Addie anxiety. I was waiting for my clinger to grab my leg and start tearing up...and that still might happen when we start school for real next Tuesday. But today, she walked right up to her teachers and said, 

"Hi. I'm Addison Davis!"

That's when I almost cried :-) It's actually funny that Addie introduced herself as "Addison" because yesterday, her teacher called to inform me that there were two Addisons in her class. One wanted to be called "Addie" and they were wondering if my Addie could be called "Addison". Obviously, Addie responds to both names, but I was sort of worried that she might get confused if the teachers were calling her Addison all the time when we call her Addie at home. I even warned the teacher that Addie might be confused at first but then today, she totally made me look like a jack-ass when she introduced herself as "Addison". I guess I didn't give my baby girl enough credit. These kids adapt so much better than us parents do, don't they?

We spent a good 45 minutes in her classroom this morning and after introducing herself to EVERYONE, I am feeling so much more confident about her first day. She seemed excited and comfortable and even though I am sure there will still be some tears those first days weeks, I honestly believe she is going to love being in school. She also hugged both her teachers when we left and that is very a good sign in my book.

So...can you guess what she is most excited about doing in school? 

Arts and Cwafts :-)

Speaking of school...I better get going. I have my own class to teach tonight and after last week's fiasco, I want to be on my game. Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Sounds to me like it will be Mama's tears!

    Does she have her outfit all picked out?? Exciting stuff! She'll do great!!!

  2. My baby girl is so big! I think I will be tearing up just thinking about it. But she will do great. Now you and Blake get some bonding time.

  3. Jen- Addie looks so happy in that picture. I am sure she is going to love school, just like her Momma! There will probably be days that she cries or doesn't want to go, but the moment she gets there she'll completely forget that she was hesitating. At three and a half it will be great for her to be in a classroom environment. Sadly sooner rather than later, that will be the norm...ok now I am getting depressed about Addie and Zach going to kindergarten. By the way, thanks for the encoragement on my blog. I read Kris post too, and I knew exactly what she is going through.

  4. I love that shes so excited!! I can't believe she's ready for preschool. Blake and Caroline will be there in the blink of an eye. Now I'm crying!

  5. Awww, so adorable! Cannot believe its time for her to be in school already!


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