Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Addie's First Day of Preschool

Well...today was the big day! My baby girl's FIRST day of Preschool!!!!

You see that adorable tote bag? Our preschool gives the kids plain canvas totes with their name printed on the front, and then we get to take them home and personalize them. My mom and I took Addie to Joanne Fabrics this week and she picked out a little sparkly Tinkerbell patch and some glitter paints to decorate her bag. But that wasn't enough for my mom and I, of course, so she sewed on a matching ruffle and some yo-yo flowers to spice it up a bit (thanks mama...she loved it!). 

*Please disregard the big purple box on the front. I just wanted to block out some personal info :-)

Before we left this morning, I insisted we take a few pictures. Blake wanted nothing to do with the photoshoot and at first, neither did Addie :-)

But then we got a HUGE surprise!! Daddy came home from work so that he could ride with us on Addie's first day!! That perked her right up :-)

And here are my peanuts walking to the car...

Addie's preschool has a drop off, pick up system where the parents drive to the front door and the teachers come out to get them. I know parents either love or hate this set-up, but I personally LOVE it! I won't have to take Blake out of the car every day and Addie won't get use to having me in her classroom each morning. I think it is a good clean break :-)

Today we waited in our first drop off line and Addie thought it was so cool that she could unbuckle herself and wait for the teacher.

And when Mrs. Mayer came to get her, she was more than willing to go with her. Just look at that smile!! NO TEARS!!!

Eric and I yelled "goodbye" and "I love you" out the window and she turned back just for a second to say "love you too!" and then turned away to head into the building. I heard her mumble something about us coming back to get her in a little while and that was it! She was a happy little camper! And that's when I started to cry. Ha!

One of the things I've looked forward to most about Addie starting preschool is the one-on-one time I will get to have with my baby boy. Today we went to the grocery store, got some coffee and chocolate milk from Starbucks and then came home to play some golf in the backyard. What a little cutie :-)

Before I knew it, it was time to head back for Addie!! While we waited in the pick-up line, all I could think about was the teacher telling me that Addie got into the building today and cried for me. I would be happy that I didn't have to see it, but sad that she didn't enjoy her day. But then when I saw the smile on her face walking out...

I knew she'd had a GREAT morning. The teacher told me that Addie did fantastic and that she even helped some of the other students find their mailboxes and consoled a few other crying children. The teacher said Addie may have to be one of her class leaders. Haha! They better be careful what they wish for :-)

I can't begin to explain how RELIEVED I am after today. Addie is already talking about going back to school on Thursday and all I can do is pray that it goes as well as today. I know there will be days she doesn't want to go because with kids...there are always good days and bad. But if the majority can be like today and I can see that smiling face every time I pick her up...I will be one happy camper too :-)


  1. Sounds like she had a great first day of preschool. They adapt so easily and she will learn and grow and make tons of new friends.

    I'm sending my son off to kindergarten tomorrow and I hope I can keep it together. He promises that I will be fine since I have Lila (my daughter) at home with me. I look forward to lots of one on one time with her. We have full day kindergarten.

  2. I'm so happy that she did well her first day! She looks so grown up in her picture!

  3. I am so proud of our little young lady. She sure has grown up WAY too fast for me. Papa feels like he’s getting so old and time is just flying bye. I’m glad she did so well, I know she will do GREAT and make us proud.
    Just love that girl!

  4. I'm so glad she had a great first day! I was thinking i would text you to see but then checked here first. :) She looks super cute & it will be so nice for you & Blake to have some special time!

  5. Jen- I am so happy for you and Addie. She looked adorable and I am sure that you are totally relieved that she loved school. How wonderful that you get some one on one time with Blake too...he must love it!

  6. So glad she had a great first day!!

  7. I love that Daddy got to come home for the big day!

    She looks so happy in those pictures! What a little trooper! I bet she loves school and will be a great little student!

    Good Job Addie!!!!

  8. I am so glad Daddy got to be there for the big day! That was an awesome surprise!!

    She looks like she handled it like a little trooper! Which had to make you very proud!

    Good Job, Addie!!!

  9. I am so glad Addie enjoyed her first day!

  10. Aww...so glad to hear your Addie had a great first day. It always makes it much easier on us as parents if our children are happy!

    She looked adorable & I LOVE her bag!

  11. How cute! I'm so glad that Addie had a great first day of school! It sounds like she is going to be a social butterfly :)


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