Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Disney Update: Travel Questions and a New Itinerary

WOW! I can't thank you all enough for the amazingly helpful suggestions on my last post!!! I also received several novel-length e-mails with a ton of other great tips and tricks so thanks to EVERYONE who contributed. I also have two coffee dates in the future that will surely help me narrow down the final details.

And thanks to all this wonderful information, our two half-days at the park will now be two FULL days, in addition to our evening at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party!! That will leave us with one other free day in Florida. The question we just stay at our house and enjoy the pool, or do we try to fit in another theme park like Universal Studios??

The one and ONLY reason I would want to go to Universal Studios is to see this...

Now, I know my parents could both care less about seeing Harry Potter, and although Eric likes the movies, I am not sure he cares to tour Hogwarts castle. Also, I worry if the kids will be bored to tears. Addie knows who Harry Potter is and she has watched some of the earlier (less scary) movies with me. But is her "like" of Harry Potter enough to justify the INCREDIBLY pricey tickets? I just don't know if it is fair to subject my family to a day of Harry Potter if they don't want to be there. Has anyone been to the Wizarding World? Is it young kid friendly at all? 

Who knows...we may be ready for a day at our pool by that point in our trip, so we may bypass the whole extra park. It may even just be a last minute decision type of thing once we are down there. At least we know what days we will be at Magic Kingdom & Epcot and how long we want to be there each day. That was half the battle :-)

Now, although I made it seem like the itinerary was the only thing stressing me out about this trip, it isn't. I am scared to death to take these two kiddies on a plane!!! They have never flown before and we honestly don't travel much with them, not even by car. So I am wondering how the whole airport, plane ride, transportation thing is going to go. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or tips/tricks for traveling with small children?

What I do know is that my kids like watching movies. Luckily, we will have two iPads traveling with us so movie-watching is not a problem. I also know that my kids are very snack motivated so I will have to figure out how to travel with those. I have also heard of people wrapping little gifts to give the kids on the plane to help pass the time. Any other suggestions? Any legal drugs I can give them? Just kidding.


And finally, my last and final Disney question for the I bring my beautiful, expensive BOB double-stroller? Or do I bring two separate cheap umbrella strollers? Decisions...decisions.

Thanks again for all the help everyone! I promise not to talk about Disney again for a while. I am just in planning mode and wanted to nail some things down :-)


  1. ask you peditrian if you can give them benedryl. My friend's ped suggested this when she was traveling to Germany with her 10 month old to help with the fluid in the ears and so he would be mellow.

    And think about just renting a stroller at Disney unless you think you need one for the airport.

  2. Definitely bring two umbrella strollers instead of the double BOB. You will be so thankful you did - especially when you are in the security line and you have to fold them up, haul them up onto the xray machine, set them back up, etc. Plus - if they were to get damaged during travel, or stolen, it wouldn't be a big deal. Trust me - I have done it both ways and traveling with the two umbrella strollers was sooooooo much better!

  3. Do not bring the BOB. It's hard to get around with something larger than a single stroller. I would agree that it's probably better just to rent one at Disney...seriously COFFEE together soon!!

  4. I wish I could help with these last two posts, but I am clueless. But I really hope you get to go to Universal to see the HP one! I wonder if they have midnight passes that you could sneak out for? Maybe Grama wouldn't even realize you were missing???

  5. Hi, Ran across your post randomly and was interested when I saw your Disney title....we just got back last week from there. As far as the flying, it was my two kids (ages 6 and 3 1/2) first time as well and we brought along our iPad, straws to blow in/out through (helped keeps their ears poppin) and had gum in their mouths and they did awesome--no complaints ever--phew!I think it is our mom instinct to be nervous/think the worst, but I bet your two will love the plane ride experience. As far as the stroller, I contemplated this as well and I am so glad I ended up renting a double stroller from (you should check them out!!) Since you'll only be there for 2-3 days you could rent from Disney daily, but in my opinion those things did not look comfy at all and I believe are like $20-30 a day and you can't take them out of the park with you,,,,which is needed at the end of a long day and the kiddos are done. for me the umbrella strollers wouldn't of provided enough storage, but we were also there for a full week, so your umbrella strollers should work out perfectly. And don't worry about anyone taking your stroller, I would just recommend putting something flashy on it so you can spot it right away as there are a TON of strollers. Good luck on your decisions and have a great time!!

  6. ladies are AWESOME!!! Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment. I can't tell you how much this has all helped! So no to the BOB, and yes to umbrellas or rentals. Done :-)

  7. Omigosh, I would SO want to go to Universal just to go to the Harry Potter world - but I wonder if it is worth it? Let me know what you find out!


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