Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Poppa Steve!!

Today is my father-in-law Steve's birthday and last night we were able to get together to do some celebrating!! The tradition in Eric's family is to celebrate birthdays with a home-cooked meal. My mother-in-law Patti always cooks a great meal for us on our birthdays, and Dana always puts together a great spread when she hosts Patti's birthday in early September. So when it's my turn to host Steve's birthday, I am always a little intimidated. I am not near as good of a cook as Patti or Dana and I am SO NOT creative in the kitchen. But, there are a few things that I can make pretty well after a lot of trial and error. Because Eric's favorite meal is pot roast, I have learned to make it just the way he likes it over the years.

So this year, when Poppa Steve said he wanted pot roast for his birthday, I was like WOOHOO!!! I can do that :-) Of course, I had to have Patti help me with my homemade mashed potatoes. I'm a boxed potato kind of girl. Ha!

The meal turned out delicious, but the only thing the kids really cared about was the cake. Go figure :-) But before they could have cake, Poppa made them pay the toll...

And then we sang...

And gave the cake a taste test...

And then we chowed down. There are no pictures of us eating cake because I was too busy stuffing my face.

The kiddies made quite a mess as usual so we followed cake time with bath time. When all the kids were snug in their jammies, one little man decided to join Poppa Steve for some football.

Actually, there are 3 men in this picture. Can't leave out Mr. Howard!

But because football wasn't that exciting to Blake last night (he only cares about the Bears), we needed to figure out a new activity. I find it amazing how much entertainment a few cans of Play-Doh can provide :-)

And because I had been promising to let Nia sleep over for weeks, I decided last night was as good a night as any. So Addie had her first sleepover at our house!! After Mima and Poppa Steve left, the girls tucked themselves into bed.

I am actually impressed with how well the girls did last night. Nia was out like a light in no time, but Addie pushed her limits and stayed up later than she ever has before. Too much excitement I guess. I think the best part of the sleepover was getting to wake up on this rainy day and make the kiddies pancakes.

It really was fun having her over, but after sleeping in a full-size bed with two squirmy little peanuts all night, I am REALLY looking forward to my own bed tonight :-)

I am so happy we were able to celebrate with Poppa Steve last night, and even more happy that Eric could be home to join us! We hope you had a great time Poppa...we love you!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

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