Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend of Fun!

This weekend was just one of those weekends where I couldn't help but thank God for all the blessings in my life. We had beautiful fall-like weather, two fun family parties AND a quick little daddy/daughter fishing trip. It was quite a weekend :-)

We spent our Saturday doing what we do best...RELAXING!!! It was rainy outside so we all kept our jammies on and stayed in. Sometimes there is nothing better than this quality time at home. the end of the day, the kiddies are usually busting to get outside, so I guess it was a good thing that Uncle Adam and Aunt Di were having us over Sunday for a BBQ.

Sunday was the PERFECT day to spend on the farm. Adam and Di's house is like an amusement park for us. They always have great food (compliments of Di) and they always have a million toys for us to play on. Adam even let me drive his new tractor!!!!

Pretty sweet ride, huh?

I could actually pass as a "real" farm girl here, couldn't I?

After I proved myself by taking the tractor for a spin around the yard, Adam let me give a few rides.

No one volunteered at first (I don't have the best track record with motorized vehicles) but my cousin Scott took one for the team and even had his boys, David and Charlie, join in on the fun!

And while I gave rides on the tractor, Grandma and the boys waited for someone to volunteer to take them for a ride on the golf cart!

And Nana stepped right up.

She even let Addie drive it herself for a while.

And we were going to let Blake try to drive...

But Daddy thought it was a little soon, so he took the boys for a spin instead. And let Blake hold the wheel :-)

Everyone loved the tractor, the golf carts and the 4-wheelers, but of ALL the toys there...I think Aunt Di's new scooter got the most attention.

Everyone took a turn on this thing. Here's my mom taking off...

And here she is SPEEDING through the yard. This was hilarious in person.

And so was this. My cousin Scott looks so big on that little thing! 

And in case you were wondering, the scooter does fit two people :-)

I also took a turn on the scooter but I think Di has those pictures. My ride was quite hilarious as well :-)

All that fresh air really knocked the kids out that night. Even I slept like a baby. Addie is already asking when we can go back, and not for the chickens this time! The girl is all about the toys :-) Thanks for the GREAT party Adam and Di! We love you guys!

And the fun didn't stop there! Eric wanted to take full advantage of his day off work today so he took his baby girl fishing bright and early. Blake and I decided to hang at home since fishing (and anything that requires an attention span longer than 5 minutes) is not really Blake's thing right now. So we hung out with Nana and Papa instead.

The minute we told Addie she was going fishing she ran right for her pink princess pole! She was so excited to go. Just look at that face :-)

I think the best part of the morning was that she not only got to go fishing with Daddy, but also Uncle Kevin and Nia!!! Just look at these two checking out their first catch...

And here they are holding their fish. YUCK!!!

These girl's aren't afraid of anything!! Can you tell they had a good time?

After a hot bath and a nice nap, we all headed over to Aunt Dana and Uncle Kevin's to celebrate Mima's birthday!!!

It ended up being a really chilly night, so the kids broke out their jackets and hoodies for the first time this season. Here are the girls cuddling to stay warm :-)

And here is Blake with his favorite toy from Aunt Dana's house...the Buzz LightYear gun. This kid never puts this thing down! 

And here's my little mid sentence. I love that this little peanut calls me "aunt Jen" whenever he sees me and gives me a big hug. I could just eat him up!

I know these pics came out blurry (silly iPhones) but I wanted to get a picture of the girls singing to Mima. You know this is their favorite part :-)

And this is Nolan's favorite part. Mine too :-)

I can barely sit down from all the FOOD I ate tonight!!! Gourmet burgers, cheesy veggies, roasted potatoes AND a huge slice of banana cream pie. Holy was so good :-) Thanks for the GREAT party Dana and Kevin!! And of course, Happy Birthday Mima! We love you all!!!

It's now 9:00pm and all the kiddies are asleep (including Eric on the couch) so I am going to get everything ready for Addie's BIG day tomorrow! In case you forgot, it's the


Shit...I feel like it's MY first day of school tomorrow! I am filled with so much excitement and anxiety I don't know how I'm going to fall asleep!! We have talked non-stop about her first day of school and Addie does seem really excited. She hasn't said anything about not wanting to go or being scared and I PRAY that her excitement is still there when the teacher comes out to get her tomorrow! I think between wearing her new outfit and carrying her newly decorated tote-bag (pics to come tomorrow) she will be more than ready to start her new journey as a big girl!! I, on the other hand, will be crying in the parking lot. Haha

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!


  1. So excited to hear how Addies first day goes tomorrow! Keeping our fingers crossed for a great morning!

  2. It WAS a great weekend, so excited for Addies first day of preschool. She will do great!

  3. Who knew you could rock a tractor???



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