Monday, September 26, 2011

Play Time...for Kids AND Adults

Once upon a time, Eric and I had at least 4-5 weddings to attend a year. This was always our opportunity for "play time". We could get dressed up, have a nice meal, spend time with friends and/or family, have a few cocktails and do some dancing. But the weddings have died down a bit in our family and circle of friends, so when a wedding FINALLY makes its way to our calendar...we get pretty darn excited.

This weekend, Eric's old neighbor and childhood friend got married. I'll admit...I really wasn't looking forward to going at first. I was tired from a long a week, I was feeling guilty about having my Dad watch the kids for us again, and I wasn't really wanting to get out of my sweatpants :-) But when all was said and done, I am SO GLAD Eric and I went because we had a really great time. 

I am also glad that we finally got a nice picture of the two of us, since the last one we got was from a wedding a year ago :-)

And here's the babysitter...a.k.a. Papa...smiling with his girl.

If there was anyone in need of a little down time, or play time, this's this guy right here. He has been working like a dog the last two weeks. In fact, he worked 14 days straight for no less than 13 hours a day. The poor guy was almost falling asleep at our table though :-) But the one thing that perked him us was seeing his Goddaughter Alison :-)

Alison was in the wedding party with a bunch of other cuties and I just loved watching them dance :-)

I remember when Dana and I were that age, dancing all over and acting silly. Now we are just a couple of old Moms, excited to eat a meal without children :-)

It was also nice getting to spend time with our hubbies...

And my in-laws. We practically had a whole table to ourselves :-)

And of course, one of my FAVORITE parts about any wedding is getting to see the bride. Sarah looked absolutely stunning.

She spent the ENTIRE night on the dance floor. She was just the cutest little bride :-)

Eric hung in there as long as he could, but when I saw him yawn for the 20th time that night, I figured I better take him home. So he gave his mama one last hug...

And we headed home. At 10:00. At first I felt silly for being in bed so early on a Friday night but after that FABULOUS nights sleep...I was glad we came home. We BOTH needed it :-)

Then on Sunday, it was time for the kids to have some play time. The Bears were on and Daddy made sure Blake was dressed for the occasion.

But as you can see from the disgusted look on his face...the Bears did NOT win. Boo!!

The kids were really sad at first (haha) but a little pizza made everything better :-)

After dinner the kids played dress up and I just had to post these two pictures because they are adorable. First, we have our two princesses...

And then we have our little prince. I don't have any boy dress up clothes yet, but Nolan didn't care. He was more than happy to rock Addie's Rosetta fairy dress and clip on earrings. 

I can guarantee you one thing friends...this picture will be part of Nolan's wedding slide show :-)

Well I hope you all had a fun weekend! It's a rainy Monday here and I am glad we can all be home in our jammies :-)


  1. Cute dress miss skinny mini super runner!!! I need to get my butt in the gym!

    I wish our little man had a Bears jersey!! LOL.

  2. You look great, Jen!!! Your hair is so long and purdy! Glad you guys got out for a bit even if Eric was a tad narcaleptic. :) The kids are so cute too! Nolan is lookin' gooood in that dress. :)

  3. You look great, Jen!!! Your hair is so long and purdy! Glad you guys got out for a bit even if Eric was a tad narcaleptic. :) The kids are so cute too! Nolan is lookin' gooood in that dress. :)

  4. You look gorgey! I'm glad you guys had a good time out! Also, I'm usually in bed by 10 pm too and I don't even have kids so I think you're doing pretty good ;)

  5. Thanks girls!! It felt nice to get dressed up and have a night out :-)


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