Monday, September 12, 2011

A Race, A Baptism and A Birthday!

That's our weekend in a nutshell!

Saturday morning, my running buddies Joe and Barb joined me for a little 5K. The weather ended up being beautiful (they were calling for rain) so it ended up being a really nice run. My Nike Sensor said I finished just under 30 minutes, so it wasn't a new PR or anything, but still a good time. My friend Barb actually set a great PR for herself so she was happy.

Here we are before the race started.

My buddy Dan was there too of course :-)

And my cousin-in-laws, Becky and Jen, came out for the race too! It was nice getting to see them and catch up.

On Sunday, we had a VERY special celebration to attend. My sweet nephew Owen got Baptized!!!

Addie was so excited to have a reason to dress up :-)

And here she is making some "friends" while we waited. Ha!

Blake wasn't really down with the statues so he hung out with Nana.

Great Grams and her boyfriend Richard were able to make it too! Aren't they the cutest little couple you've ever seen?

And here is Aunt Meagan's Mom and sister Tricia. She was Owen's Godmommy :-)

And here is my husband holding my cell phone so he could check the score of the Bears game every 2 minutes :-)

Owen's Baptism service was so nice. The priest was so warm and friendly to everyone.

I think he noticed how many "older" kiddies were there with the babies being baptized, so he made sure to include them in the service.

He called them all up to the front and asked them one simple question..."Do your mommies and daddies love you?" To which they all just shook their heads and answered, "Yes!"

And then he asked the kids how they know that their mommies and daddies love them and one little girl said, "Because my mommy makes me breakfast". SO CUTE!! The Priest thought this was a great answer because that's what Mommies and Daddies do. They take care of you, tuck you in bed at night, make you breakfast, buy you nice clothes and shoes, etc. And that sparked something in Addie because she LOVES talking about clothes and shoes. So then she showed the Priest her dress, her sparkly shoes and her necklace.

We all couldn't help but laugh. It was too cute. I think Di might have even got a video of her. It was such a precious moment and I thought it was so great of the Priest to include them.

And then it was time to bring all the babies up to the water.

GodMommy Tricia...

GodDaddy Adam...

And of course, the proud parents :-)

And really...what family celebration is complete without a million family pictures

After the baptism, Ryan and Meagan had us back to their house for some yummy food and cupcakes. We all stayed inside with the food, while Blake played outside with his new tractor...compliments of Uncle Adam :-)

The kids were both WORE OUT from the long day, and we still had another party to go to!! We made it just in time to Brennan's birthday party to have MORE food!

And open presents :-)

These kids aren't spoiled or anything...

I think of all the gifts Brennan received, this reversable Super Man/Batman cape from Aunt Dana was the biggest hit. Brennan couldn't wait to put it on...

And fly all over the yard...

When it was time for cupcakes, I didn't know if my kiddies would make it.

But let's get kids are never ones to turn down cupcakes :-)

But we did leave shortly after and I had both kids bathed and in bed asleep by 7:30!! That doesn't happen often around here and I have to was kind of nice. This is why I didn't post our weekend recap last night. TOO TIRED!!!

But not too tired for the Season Finale of True Blood. was SO GOOD! It's going to be a long wait until June :-)


  1. That's alot for one weekend!

    I'm ready to go back for the food...

    Good job on your race! Congrats to Barb on her new record!

  2. That is one jam packed weekend! Owen is so precious. I loved all the baptisim pics & that precious story about your girl!!!!

    Looks like you all had a great weekend. Hope your week is just as amazing!


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