Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Fall Family Pictures

I've known since LAST fall that I wanted to get a new fall family picture taken of the four of us this year. We haven't had a fall family picture since Addie was just a little peanut and Blake was nothing more than a cute little bump under my sweater. We were going to have Uncle Ryan take some last year and then time slipped away, the leaves all fell, and we said forget it. We ended up just getting some cute Christmas pics of the kids instead.

But this year, I was determined to get out there before the leaves were gone. The problem was, finding a day that worked with not only our family's busy schedule, but also my brother's, was nearly impossible. So on a whim, Aunt Dana said, "Hey...I've got a nice camera. Why don't we all just pack up and head out to the park and see what we can get."

At this point, I didn't really have outfits situated and I was worried that the kids (and Eric) weren't in the right moods for pictures. But...we went anyway. In the moment, the photoshoot seemed like pure chaos. The kids were everywhere, playing with toys and sand, and I was already in stress mode before Dana even took the first shot. I left the park that day worried that we didn't get a single good picture of us. But then when Dana and I sat down with some wine afterwards, we uploaded all 500+ pictures and found some really precious gems in the bunch. Here are some of my absolute favorites.

One of our family shots. We didn't get Blake to smile, but at least he wasn't crying. I'll take it :-)

And then there's this beauty queen. Could she be more gorgeous in this picture?

This one is going up in black & white at our house.

Here is our second usable family shot. Again, Blake is not smiling but at least they are looking at the camera. I love the leaves on this tree :-)

Dana and I were trying to replicate some shots we saw on Pinterest, but sadly...this whole kissing shot was kind of a joke.

Mostly because Blake tried clawing Eric's eye out and Addie kept kicking me in the boob.

Oh was worth a shot :-)

The one thing that kept the kids entertained while Dana snapped pictures was this John Deere tractor.

Blake went bonkers over it.

We were actually able to get some of his best shots while sitting on the tractor. I love this one of his gorgeous eyelashes...

And this close-up of his sweet face. What a doll.

We had a REALLY hard time getting him off this tractor. 

I kept trying to bribe him to get off and he would just laugh at me.

So we left him there for a bit.

In the meantime, Dana got this great picture of Addie and I laying in the leaves. I'm not a huge fan of my face in this, but Addie looks I'll keep it.

Here is our 3rd attempt at a family shot. smiling (or looking) from Blake.

And then of course he went bat shit crazy the minute he decided he was done with pictures.

He is on the verge of tears here, but it is still a cute picture. This was our 4th and final try at the family shot. Even Eric was like "Ok...I'm done" at this point.

So then we just let the kids play. Again, Dana was able to capture some of the cutest action shots!

And here is the real gem, my friends. The one shot that made the WHOLE photoshoot worth it.

Okay...this one is pretty darn cute too. Such a great cousins picture :-)

Oh did Eric's underwear modeling shot get in there????? Weird...

So back to the kids. Here are the two little BFFs posing for one last picture. This one is SO going in a frame.

Overall, I would call that fall family photoshoot a success! Taking pictures with the kids at these ages is so not easy, but I do believe it is worth the chaos for those few great moments you can capture. Thanks again Aunt Dana for forcing us to the park that day and for taking so many beautiful pictures!!! Having you and Ryan at my beck and call is a pretty sweet deal :-)


  1. I just want to let you know I've been reading your blog for a couple years (we share the same last name) and I'm so proud of you for rising above the little episode of derogatory comments last summer and continuing your blog as if nothing had happened. I would have been too hurt to continue!!! Kudos!!!

  2. I love them especially the one caught with Addie hugging Blake. Like I said on FB it put me into cuteness overload! Are you going to add some of these to your gallery wall?

  3. These are awesome, Jen! I live them all. sthe best part about having Dana or Ryan do them is you get them ALL without the price tag!!! The boon kicking and Eric modeling had me laughing out loud! :)

  4. so cute photographs please check mine creation too ... i did it for my best friend daughter

  5. I like the design of your blog very much. It looks like a page from fairy tale. I’m really impressed!


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