Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decking the Halls & Welcoming Elf

After all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and the week leading up, it was nice to just spend some time at home relaxing this weekend. I am so happy that I managed to deck our halls last week, so that we could just sit back and admire this weekend :-)

Here is our lovely dining room tree (that houses all of our breakable ornaments up top so they are out of reach from tiny hands :)...

Last year I was able to score a bunch of different clearance wreaths that I have hung in all our windows this year. I think they are such a cute and simple touch. All you need is some ribbon.

And here is our cozy little family room tree...the one Santa visits :-)

I have my red and white polka dot Reisenthel out to collect all the Christmas books our little Elf brings each night :-)

Speaking of which...we did have some excitement this weekend. Our Elf on the Shelf arrived!!!

Addie was very excited to see him, but Blake didn't know what the hell was going on.

It only took us a few minutes to break Santa's first rule of NO TOUCHING!!!

So now our Elf hangs out in especially high places :-)

I guess I shouldn't say that Blake doesn't know what's going on, because in all honesty...he was the one that named our Elf this year. His name is "Toodles", short for "Oh Toodles", since that's Blake's favorite thing to say each morning when we watch Mickey :-)

So Toodles the Elf is here to stay!! At least until Christmas Eve. And as long as the kiddies behave, he will bring them a new book each night. That's my favorite part of the whole tradition :-) was everyone else's Thanksgiving weekend?? Does everyone have their tree(s) up? I am so excited that it is FINALLY Christmas season!!!


  1. Jen- Our tree went up on Thanksgiving, and our elf arrived today. He kept his name though from last year- Durley, only because I wrote it in the book. Like Blake Matt seemed utterly confused and Zach was anxious to see Durley turn from a doll into a real elf, and fly home to the North Pole. Matt did enjoy reading the book though, so maybe by the end of the season he will get it a bit better. Isn't it strange that Addie and Zach seemed so much older when they were two? I mean we were bringing babies home by then!

  2. We have been decorating ALL weekend even though I had the tree up before Thanksgiving so all we would have to do is decorate it. Ha! All the little decorations add up! Our Elf arrived last night and the kiddos named him Happy. This is our first year with an elf and I think I am just as excited as the kids!


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