Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The peace and quiet of Christmas Eve was something I was looking forward to. I couldn't wait to get home from my parent's house, get the kids to bed and wait for Santa to arrive. And arrive he did my friends :-)

Isn't this such a magical sight, even if you are the one that helped make the magic? 

Before Santa arrived that night, the kids helped us get ready for him. Addie and Daddy sprinkled some reindeer food on our lawn...

And then everyone came in and we put out some cookies, milk and carrots...

BUT...a certain little cookie monster I know went in for a snack while his sister wasn't looking.

And he enjoyed every last bite :-)

Luckily, the cookie sherif was in a forgiving mood and said that "Santa would understand". What a cutie pie.

That night I tried my hardest to enjoy the peace and quiet. Seriously...I really tried. But between being excited for the morning, anxious that Addie would wake up at 2:00 and see the tree, and not being able to breathe through my nose from this silly sinus infection...I was up ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

So imagine how happy I was when the kids FINALLY woke up and we were able to run and see if Santa came.

As you can see, Addie got her "Hoolie Hoop"

And instead of diving into the huge pile of presents behind her, she insisted we open our stockings first. I've never seen anyone more excited for a Minnie Mouse fork and spoon set :-)

And Blake could have done with just his stocking stuffers. As soon as he opened his Thomas Trains, he was ready to play.

But after some convincing, the kids were finally ready to tear into some packages.

I mean really...who has to convince their kids to put down the stockings and dive into a pile of presents? Especially when a certain someone has been waiting months for her Lalaloopsy doll!

See that lackluster expression? I couldn't believe it. She was just like, " Lalaloopsy doll. I wonder if Santa brought my light-up paint brush." And of course he did :-)

Now THERE is the expression I was looking for! I should have sold the Lalaloopsy on eBay. Haha!

And really...Santa could have just brought trains for Blake :-)

Now Howie...there's a man that LOVED his gift. Because my poor little guy has some bladder issues and is on a special food diet now, we can't buy him treats :-( So when I found this adorable "turkey dinner" of dog toys...I was sold.

And he attacked that corn on the cob like it was his job.

It's kind of funny walking around the house and accidentally kicking a baked potato :-)

Before wrapping up our Santa show-and-tell...Addie just had to dress up in her new Tinkerbell nightgown, tiara and dress-up shoes :-)

And then it was off to Mima and Papa Steve's house for breakfast and MORE presents!!

I didn't realize until today how few pictures I took at their house. I think it was because the kids were too busy opening all their fabulous gifts. Addie and Nia went bonkers over their Barbie Townhouses...

And their Belle dolls :-)

The rest of the unwrapping was a total blur of paper flying and kids shouting for things to be opened immediately. Aunt Dana even set up Nia's townhouse so that the girls could play with it before they left. I have to admit...that thing is pretty awesome. Addie and I played Barbies several times today :-)

As always, Mima and Papa Steve spoiled us rotten!! My mother-in-law also made us the most delicious breakfast, which was shoveled in because of impatient, excited little kiddies. So in case I didn't say it while I was there, thanks for the wonderful breakfast Mima and Papa Steve! We love you!!

We managed a quick stop at home for some R&R before heading to Eric's Aunt's house for dinner!! A few years ago, we decided to hire "Santa" (a.k.a Uncle Joe) to dress up and bring the kiddies little gifts. It has become something that we all look forward to.

Here he is making is grand entrance (notice Addie's face)...

The kids were all jumping up and down screaming!!!

And of course...some were just plain screaming. Ha!

As usual, Addie and Santa were BFF. She posed for pictures...

And totally talked his ear off.

We really, REALLY wanted to get a picture with Santa and all the kids but this is literally the BEST we could get. Typical, isn't it?

Santa's gift to the girls this year was a Cinderella nightgown. Of course they all had to immediately put it on and have a "sleepover" in Aunt Sue's bed :-)

And as if these kids aren't spoiled enough, their Auntie Sarah made them each their own personalized blanket!! Cars for Blakers (who is chowing on Goldfish Crackers in the back) and Cinderella for my princess.

Sarah did such a great job on the blankets and I just think it is so sweet that she took the time to make them :-)

Before the night was over, we made sure to sing Happy Birthday to this little Christmas baby...

And if my calendar is right, it seems another little Christmas cutie is just two days away from his birthday. I wonder who it could be?

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