Monday, December 12, 2011

The Holiday Sickies Just Plain Suck

Being sick isn't fun any time of year, but being sick during the holidays just plain SUCKS!! Last week, my sweet little Nia had to miss her preschool Christmas program because she threw up in school that day. She was so sad and it just broke my heart when Dana told me how she cried after her bath because she had to put on PJs and not her sparkly Christmas dress :-(

And then last week, I spent a whole night putting warm wash clothes on Addie's eye. Damn pinkeye is brutal, but we caught it early so it never got really bad. But she was one miserable girl that night and then she had to miss making Christmas trees in preschool the next day :-(

Luckily, Blake really isn't in anything to "miss" right now so when he got the flu on Thursday night, he took it as his opportunity to cuddle on the couch with mommy ALL DAY! And I was fine with that. I felt lucky to be home and able to take care of the little guy.

The whole week, I kept waiting to get sick. Between Nia, Dana, Kevin, my Mother-in-Law, Addie and Blake...I figured something was bound to make it's way to me. But then on Saturday, we all woke up happy and healthy in our house!! I figured it had something to do with the can of Lysol I used throughout the week or my excessive hand-washing...but no matter the reason, I was just happy that we could enjoy our day home together.

So we set out to complete one of our Advent Activities...Christmas cookie baking. Addie has been waiting all month to do this.

Blake was a little too young to bake last year and I honestly thought he wouldn't be too into it this year. But I was little chef did fantastic for his first cookie bake!

Like all good chefs, the kids made sure to sample their work.

And here is their finished product!

In addition to cookie baking, we were also able to finish some Christmas wrapping, go through some toys in the playroom, do a little coloring and watch Santa Claus is Comin to Town. Overall, it was a fun, festive and productive Saturday. I really thought we had the sickies behind us.

But then I woke up Sunday with flu. AHHH!!! In all fairness though, I did ask God in my prayers to give me the flu and not Addie so that she could attend all her Christmas activities this week. I guess he was listening :-)

On any other Sunday, I would have handled the flu and not been sad about it. I would have been glad that it was happening on a weekend with Eric's help, rather than on a weekday when I was with the kids by myself. But this Sunday was the Mueller Christmas party and I was SO SO SAD to miss it! We only get together with my Dad's side of the family 2 times a year...Christmas and the 4th of July. Our Christmases are always so much fun and there were so many people I wanted to see!

But Eric was a total trooper and packed both kids up himself to take them to the party. There is just no way we could let this peanut miss Christmas with her cousins :-) She couldn't wait to see Gracie!

One of the reasons I was so excited for the Mueller Christmas this year was to congratulate my cousin Liz on her engagement!! My mom knew how much I wanted to see her ring, so she texted me a picture. Her soon-to-be-hubby did good, didn't he?

And of course, we didn't want the kids to miss the gift exchange since we had two special gifts to give ourselves. Blake's cousin Ali picked him and she got him a Thomas the Train set...his favorite!!! Thank you so much Ali (and cousin Janice)!! And Evie got Addie so she gave her a bunch of fun school supplies, including a wipe-off marker activity book that is going to be on my gift list for kids from now on. It is SO CUTE!! Thanks so much Evie (and cousin Kris)!!

Even though I am still so sad I had to miss the party, I am glad that Eric was able to take the kids and that they were there to have fun and enjoy the holiday :-)

I am happy to report that I am feeling back to my old self today, minus some energy of course. Isn't it crazy how DRAINED you feel after only a day of being sick? Hopefully one more nights sleep will get me back to 100%. We have so much fun ahead of us this week...I don't want to miss a thing! And luckily, because I was feeling better, we were able to keep our Christmas playdate with my sweet friend Marie today!

As usual, Marie spoiled the crap out of me and the kids...

But the best part of our visit was just getting to sit around, chit-chat and cuddle. little nose picker. I should have taken another picture. Ha! My kids just love her to pieces and even though we got her a gift too, I think the cuddle time was her favorite part :-) So glad we got to keep our date Marie! We love you!!

Alright friends...I better run. We have ballet tonight and the parents get to observe for a sneak peak of what they are working on for their recital in the spring! I'm so excited because we haven't had a chance to watch yet this year. Don't worry...I'll be sure to take some video and pictures :-)

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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  1. I love you all to pieces as well!! Cuddling with that little munchkin was the best and of course catching up and seeing one of my favorite people was amazing too!! Love you all!!


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