Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Feelin Guilty Today

It's been exactly one month since I put on my running shoes. My last run was the Hot Chocolate 5K and let's be honest...I only raced for the chocolate :-)

I'm fairly certain that I've made several resolutions on this blog to stick with running through the holidays and yet here I am...starting week 5 of my no-run streak. At first I didn't feel too bad about it. We were on vacation, planning for the holidays, blah blah blah.

But then yesterday I saw one of my "running buddies" (a woman who I always passed on my runs this summer and fall) and she was all bundled up, banging out her 4 mile run. And there I was...driving in my car eating a melted hershey kiss I found at the bottom of purse. 

I felt like a lazy piece of crap.

But instead of going immediately home and jumping on the treadmill, I spent the night complaining about how it's been a month since my last run. I think I was also eating a Christmas cookie while I complained. 

So I'm done complaining now. I can't say that I don't have time because I do. I can't say I don't have a means to run when the weather is bad because I do. And most importantly, I can't say that I don't enjoy running because I do. I LOVE it. And I miss it.

It't time to get back to work, especially if my crazy ass is going to run a half marathon at some point in 2012.

The question now my friends is do I continue to be a lazy piece of crap the rest of December and start fresh in January with the rest of the new years resolutioners? Or do I quit making excuses and start TODAY? Hmm....


  1. I am with you there... I have only ran once since that race. On Thanksgiving when we went for a family walk and it was only because I was cold.. It doesn't realy count because it was less than 1 mile! Ha! And btw... That has got to be the worst picture of me yet! (huge forehead and squinty eyes)! You should blur me out :) The chocolate was good though!

  2. It's always good to start now. D is thinking of doing a half next year, maybe we can finally bump into each other!!! OT jut meet at Oak Brook!!

  3. While I was half serious on Facebook... it really depends on how much energy you are wasting on beating yourself up. HEre's the thing, if you're not going to NOT be able to not think of it? Then just get your ass on the treadmill. If you can shove it aside in your mind and use that time to do something else (eat cookies, wrap gifts, watch lame Hallmark Christmas movies, hell who cares!) then DO IT! Enjoy this season and don't allow your head to ruin your fun! So, that is my advice. One or the other - no wishy washy! If you know yourself enough to know you will always think at the end of the day "I should have run.." then just do it because it's taking up space in your day anyway -- negative space! ;o)

    As a side note? Damn. I need to do something like... yesterday. Ugh, motivation factor is TOTALLY missing.


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