Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Good to be the Birthday Boy

I'm pretty sure that Blake went to bed dreaming of Mickey "Oh Toodles" pancakes last night...

Or maybe he went to bed dreaming of the pie and ice cream that Mima and Papa Steve gave him last night when we celebrated his and Uncle Kevin's birthdays...

Either birthday boy woke up happy...

And hungry!!!

Last year, my Mom and Dad and I took Blake out to breakfast for his birthday and we decided that it should be a new tradition :-)

Addie was so excited to be out, you'd think it was her birthday too.

This little guy hammed it up for the whole restaurant. I thought it was adorable, but the table of old ladies next to us didn't seem too excited about his monster noises. Haha!

After a yummy breakfast, we headed to Barnes and of Blake's favorite places. He loves looking at new books...

And playing with their train table...

But the real highlight of our trip today was getting a free birthday cupcake from the cafe! 

After scrambled eggs, pancakes and a MASSIVE cupcake...the birthday boy was full of energy when we got home. We ended up giving him one of his birthday gifts (he will get his tricycle on Sunday for his party) and he spent the rest of the morning "grilling out" on this bad boy :-)

Then for supper, I made B one of his favorite meals...mac & cheese with Cheddarwurst. I even tried a delicious new mac & cheese recipe tonight so that I could bake them in my little crocs. Aren't they so cute? And doesn't that mac & cheese look YUMMY?!!!

Afterwards, we brought out Blake's little cake. I was looking for a cookie monster cake, but Oscar the Grouch worked just as well :-)

He was so cute blowing out his own candles! We had to light it 3 more times. Bless his heart :-)

He was so proud of himself...

This picture makes me laugh so hard. You can just tell that he is losing all self control.


I realize that I have given my son an obscene amount of sugar today. Please don't judge. I love sugar. He loves sugar. And we can always detox tomorrow :-)

I mean really...could you resist this face? 

I think it's safe to say that my little man had a great birthday today. We are having his birthday party on Sunday and I am really excited about it! Although, I have to admit that I feel like I really dropped the ball on this party with all the craziness and sickness of the holidays. I mean have a lot of cute decorations and ideas, but I am running low on time for the execution. Oh well...I know no matter what...Blake is going to have a great time. It's the perfect way to ring in the new year :-)

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes everyone!! I'll make sure Blake reads all of them tomorrow :-)

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Looks like you guys had s fun filled day! :-)


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