Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Santa is Bringing to Our House This Year...

I think it is so fun to look back on the things that we ask Santa for each year. I can still remember asking for Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbies, Turtle Tots (remember those?) Color Forms, Light-Brights, etc. I also remember the Christmases where Santa brought things we didn't even think to ask for. My parents didn't always have a lot of extra money when we were growing up but the years that they were able to spend a little extra at Christmas...they never spent it on themselves. They always spoiled us rotten! Christmas has always been my Mom and Dad's favorite holiday and I think it's turning into the same thing for Eric and I.

Because we treated the kids to an EXTRA special vacation in November, we are taking it a little easy on Santa this year. Plus, it's not as if these kids go without, especially with all the spoiling that comes from grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. We agreed that we wouldn't do any "big" gifts for the kids this year...just little stuff. Luckily, Addie's wish list is perfect!

The one toy she seems to talk about more than anything this year is the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair doll.

I had no idea these dolls were in such demand until I started noticing a ton of them up on eBay!! I scored this Silly Hair doll for $20 back in October and I've seen it on eBay as high as $80!! Holy Moly. I won't lie...I kinda thought about selling the one I got for Addie and putting the extra dough in her college fund, but when she looks at me with those big hazel eyes and says, 

"I can't WAIT for Santa to bring me a Lalaloopsy Siwwy Hair doll!"

My heart melts and the idea flies out the window. Damn kids and their absolutely adorable faces. Haha! Addie is also talking a lot about this Crayola Color Wonders Magic Light Brush paint set...

This was also pretty hard to find!! I looked at like 4 stores before I finally found it on the internet! If they are going to advertise the crap out of these kids toys, they should really make a little extra stock. Just sayin...

And finally, Addie has also asked for a hoola hoop (pink with sparkles of course) and a trumpet. I have NO idea why she got so hooked on this trumpet thing (although she does love playing the princess trumpet that her cousin Gracie has) but my brother Ryan and SIL Meagan asked if they could take care of that gift (being two veteran trumpet players and all :-)

I really love and appreciate that Addie wants such simple things this year. Well...except for the iPad she asked Eric for last night. Keep dreamin girl...even Mommy doesn't have one. Ha!

Blake is probably the easiest to shop for by far because he hasn't asked for anything this year :-) Gotta love this age for that reason. Luckily, he makes it very clear at home what he likes and doesn't like to play with. Some of the things he LOVES to play with right now are trains, cars dolls. He likes pushing them around in strollers while wearing Addie's dress up shoes. Blake is seriously going to kill me for blogging this when he is older, but it's something so sweet that I want to remember forever :-)

So to make this whole play-time a little more boyish, I decided to get Blake the Lalaloopsy Pirate Doll...

It'll match Addie's and then they can play dolls together :-)

But when he's not playing dolls, I am sure he will be keeping super busy with the Thomas the Train Wooden Railways collection we are starting him, along with the fancy train table that Mima and Papa Steve are getting him for his birthday. He is going to be so excited!

And when the weather gets warm again, he can cruise around with Addie on his very own Disney Cars Scooter...

Like I said, these two do everything together and Blake always wants what Addie has. My mom and dad had this in mind when they got him this awesome KidKraft Fire Station...

Addie's boyfriend Connor has this playset and it is ADORABLE in person. We thought it might be nice for him to have in his room, since Mima and Papa Steve are surprising Addie and Nia with this...

Ahh...the Barbie Dream House. I still remember playing with mine when I was a kid. I would spend HOURS playing with that house and my brothers would even fly Batman and He-Man over to play with my Barbies. The girls are going to freak when they see this.

See why Santa is keeping it simple at our house? It's these Grandparents!!! I haven't even mentioned the portable pink DVD player and matching flower headphones that my parents got Addie. Good Lord...these kids are so spoiled!!! I think next year I might just have Santa fill stockings :)

So...are there any special gifts that you can't wait to give this weekend? I have so many things I can't wait to give...especially the gifts that I actually managed to keep a surprise. And trust me...there aren't many. Haha!

Only 4 more sleeps till Christmas!!!


  1. The girls are going to be SO spoiled this year too! Emma's getting a ton of Lalaloopsy stuff from grandparents/aunts/uncles and Samantha's getting a ton of baby dolls (American Bitty Baby) and doll furniture. Santa's bringing Emma the Disney Princess Castle (which is ENORMOUS by the way) and Sam the Fisher Price My First Dollhouse. Let's just say, it's going to be hard to see the tree Christmas morning! Yikes!

  2. see, I told you. parents live for their kids.
    Is it not great to be a parent?

  3. OMG! I looked high and low for that Silly Hair Doll. Could not find it anywhere. I stood in the cold a couple weeks ago outside of Target at 6 am b/c a kind cashier informed me the night before they were getting a shipment in the next morning.

    I have no idea how..but they had received 4 in the shipment and by the time I got into the store 2 were left. I seriously considered grabbing both and making a killing on ebay with the second! I saw them going for over $100 at one point!


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