Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When You Can't Go To Your Preschool Christmas Party...

It's pretty awesome to wake up to a surprise like this...

Yes friends...turns out Addie didn't bypass the flu after all, despite our best efforts. While I was observing her in dance last night, she just seemed off. She was looking a little pale and was acting sort of spacey (more than usual :-). I even said to another mom that I thought Addie was getting sick. And then as soon as we walked out of the room and into the hallway to get our coats, Addie puked. EVERYWHERE!! All down her clothes, my clothes and a little in the hallway. I faced her towards me and ran to the bathroom. Luckily, the majority of it got on me and her instead of all over another kid.

But I was still mortified. I was so worried that other moms were looking at me like I was a jerk for bringing my sick kid but I HONESTLY thought the flu was missing her. She had been perfectly fine all day and because she had spent the last few days at my mom and dad's house...I thought we were in the clear. Plus, I didn't want her to miss her special performance :-(

The good news I guess is that she didn't miss her performance AND managed to wait until class was over to let it all out. Poor baby. On the way home she even asked me to pull over so that she could throw up outside and not on her "pretty carseat". Bless her heart.

Her flu lasted about as long as mine and Blake's...about 12 hours. She is already acting like her old self and even managed to enjoy her "sick party" that Toodles the Elf planned for her. We made some Christmas crafts...

And did some coloring...

We also drank a little hot coco and now we are watching Beauty and the Beast's Enchanted Christmas. Eric and Howie are the last two standing and I am praying it misses them. I am on a mission to disinfect my house for the 40th time this week, but I am trying to be grateful for a few things today.

1. I'm lucky my kiddies are getting these sickies out BEFORE Christmas
2. That it's just the flu.
3. That they can be home with me instead of in the hospital. There are so many sweet kids that are not that fortunate this holiday.

This has been a rough week, but on the bright side, I have had a lot of quality time with the kids just staying home in our PJs. Sometimes that's better than all the hustle and bustle, but I am very much looking forward to healthier days!!

Please pray this is the LAST post with the word "sick" in it for a while :-)


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