Monday, January 9, 2012

Resolutions and Recovery

When you are in the middle of the craziness that is December you think, "Ahhh...I can't wait for the quiet of January"

When you and your kids are sick for like 3 weeks straight you think, "Ahhh...I can't wait until everyone is healthy"

So now that it IS January and we are all (knock on wood) healthy...I keep waiting for that sigh of relief. But what I forgot to think about is all the catch-up that needs to happen AFTER December and AFTER a month of sickies. Oh, and lets not forget all those resolutions you need to get started!

So that's what's been keeping me busy, friends. Resolutions and Recovery :-)

I have to admit, it's been really nice getting back into a routine again. Addie had preschool last week and ballet starts up tonight. I think my little peanut needs the structure back in her life because she has been sporting The Three S's:

1. Spoiled
2. Sleep Deprived
3. Sassy

I realize this all comes with recovery. We just had a month of non-stop fun and spoiling. She was spoiled by Christmas and spoiled by the sickies (and totally spoiled by Nana) so why wouldn't she be rebelling? Why wouldn't her sleep be off if you haven't had a good schedule for weeks on end? Why would you want to focus in preschool and follow directions at home when you haven't been told "No" very much lately? I suppose in one sense, I can't blame her.

BUT, it's time to get back on track now. It's time to get back to sleeping like a big girl, listening and behaving like a big girl, and talking like a big girl (minus the "Addietude"). We started a new sticker chart this week and the rewards are BIG! I'm talking Disney Princesses on Ice big! So this little chick better get serious because we have a lot of stickers to earn before February. Plus, Mommy already got the tickets. Ha!

The other person working hard on recovery this week is me. I still can't fully kick the sinus infection I have been fighting and even after 6 days on antibiotics, it still isn't fully gone. I stood in my kitchen last night, holding a glass of wine, asking Eric and our friend Joe WHY these drugs aren't working. They both just looked at my glass and then back up at me. 


Drinking wine while on antibiotics is NOT good. And I knew that, but the stress of my days and the delicious taste of Reisling with my dinner got the best of me. Oh well. At least I have 4 days left on the meds :-)

Even though I am still in recovery mode, that hasn't kept me from working on some of my resolutions this week. For starters, I got my little office nook all set up in my bedroom:

It's nothing special, or fancy. Just an old desk I've had since college and a file cabinet I've been using as a night stand. But hey...until there isn't a need for a playroom anymore, this is my office space. And to be honest, I kind of like my cozy little nook. I have all of my inspiration and reminders on my bulletin board (including my monthly de-clutter calendar which I have made GREAT progress on).

And of course the thing on that desk that has taken the most time this week is that beautiful new desktop that I have waited 2 long years for!! We spent the week organizing and backing up all of our pictures and home movies and that just makes me feel so good!!! It's always been a huge fear of mine to lose all of the memories we have been collecting and now that they are all securely stored, I can sleep better at night.

This little beauty is also going to make all my digital crafting so much more organized and easy to navigate!! I have lots of things to learn on this bad boy though. We haven't had a new computer in 6 years and a LOT has changed. Apple just blows my mind :-)

And speaking of blowing your's this resolution for you:

I'm going to run a half marathon this year.


Okay, I am going to try to run a half marathon. I want something big to shoot for and now that I have some of my running buddies signed on to do it with me, I've got my motivation team. I have made it out for 2 runs this week (thanks to our fabulous weather) and one thing is for sure.

This girl is out of shape.

I've got some work to do but I am excited about it!

So, is anyone else struggling to catch up a bit after the holidays?


  1. Emma is so spoiled as well. She's LIVED in her pjs for the last two weeks, so getting dressed in regular, nice clothes for preschool tomorrow is going to be a nightmare! I'm mentally preparing for the meltdown and struggle to get her in clothes and out the door in time.

  2. What day are you going to princesses on ice? We are going too


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