Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lessons Learned While Watching Reality Television

There are only 2 Reality TV shows I have been following lately and the first is one I am quite embarrassed to admit because it is total trash. Obviously, it's The Bachelor

When Ben was cast as the Bachelor, a lot of people were  pretty negative about it because well...Ben is a tool. But I could handle Ben being a tool. I liked his awkwardly dorky ways and I was thinking that maybe...juuuuuuuust maybe....this bachelor would get it right. He'd pick a sweet girl and live happily ever after.

But if you have been watching the show this season, I think there is one thing we can all agree on. Ben is not only a tool...but also a complete moron. I don't even know where to begin. He has so many smart, classy, beautiful girls to choose from but instead of following his heart, he's following his head. And not the one housing his brain. Instead of really getting to know these women, he's skinny dipping with a fame-whore who is clearly NOT interested in anything other than the cameras. But poor, stupid, dorky Ben is smitten and I pray that he picks Courtney in the end, because any woman who sees these episodes will surely punch him in the face (or the head) and walk away.

Again...I can't even believe I watch this garbage! But watching the show has taught me a very important lesson about raising a daughter. I swear on my life that I will do everything I possibly can to teach Addie to be a respectful, classy girl that has genuine morals. Watching Courtney this season makes me sick and even though I know she thinks she is "winning", I hope she looks back on all this some day (especially when she has a daughter of her own) and is mortified and humiliated by her behavior. She should be ashamed.

So...enough about that. Let's talk about GOOD Reality TV shall we? I know I've said it many times on my blog, but I heart Tori & Dean so very much. 

This has been a really fun season and the last two episodes have made me cry right along with Tori. This season Tori was pregnant with her baby girl Hattie and all the emotional scenes leading up to her birth, and the birth itself, have made me kinda question my decision to not have a third baby. Notice the keyword there is KINDA! I just loved all the scenes where Liam and Stella were rubbing Tori's belly and of course, I loved the scenes with Tori and Hattie in the hospital. Those first few days in the hospital when you get to bond with your new baby for the first time are so special and so surreal at the same time. I just watched Tori holding her and I could imagine holding Addie and Blake the same way. It was sweet...and it gave me a very brief moment of undeniable baby fever :-)

I think one of the reasons I love Tori so much is because she is an amazing mother. She isn't like so many other Hollywood Moms that seem to have kids just for show. She honestly lives her life for those 3 peanuts and I think Dean is about as genuine as they come. I swear, he reminds me so much of Eric when it comes to his ideals on parenting (and motorcycles). I follow Tori on Twitter and I can't even count how many "family nights" they have at home eating popcorn, watching movies, etc. It's not like she is dragging those kids all over the world and having nannies raise them. They are there for their kids and that is such a wonderful thing to see.

I know so many of my friends and family members are laughing at me right now but I can't help it...I really do want to be BFF with Tori, even if it's just so she can help me plan my kids' birthday parties :-) Also, I have learned a pretty important lesson from watching their show too. I've learned that no matter what mistakes you've made in the past, all that matters is what you are doing with your life right now. It doesn't matter what fights you've had with family or friends, because you can always mend them. It doesn't matter what lessons you've had to learn the hard way, because the fact is you've learned from them and your life is better because of them. And finally, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about you as a person or a mother, because all that matters is how your family feels about you as a person and a mother. I think I need to remember that one most of all :-) anyone else hooked on any reality TV right now? Anyone else watching these two shows? I would love to know your bachelor opinion :-)


  1. There's a "Courtney" every season. Remember Vienna and Jake! Train wreck! I think when they do interviews with girls they ask who wants to be the bitch for the season. It wouldn't be Bachelor (or Bachelorette) without a villian. I want to reach through the screen and slap Courtney but it looks like from the previews for next week all the girls are going to confront "tool" about her. They need the drama for a few more episodes so my guess is they will keep her for awhile!!

  2. Ugh, Ben is such an idiot. I have been tuning in on/off since the beginning of the season, but the skinny dipping episode was the first one I watched in its entirety. Courtney is a real piece of work, and I feel so bad for all of the girls that like him, but obviously stand no chance with him. I believe that Courtney is manipulative and there for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, if Ben picked anyone other than Courtney, I'm pretty sure it's over now after seeing this week's episode. There is no way a woman could look past his behavior. I always said that as the woman who gets picked, you have to be ready to see him kissing other girls and having real feelings for other girls. That's just part of what you sign up for. However, what Ben did isn't included in that and I see it as a form of cheating. He cheated the other girls out of any chance of being with him and above all, he disrespected them. I really hated Brad, but even he is looking like a knight in shining armor compared to Ben! Haha

    Thanks for letting me vent :)

    I don't watch Tori & Dean, but I hear it's really good. I'll have to try to see if I can get into it.

    PS - have another baby!!!! Your two are so cute, imagine all the fun you can have with three!!

  3. Love this post myself and also pretty obsessed with both shows. Love Tori & Dean and also got emotional watching her go through her 3rd pregnancy & birth. Have me baby fever for number 2!

  4. First of all... Three is better than two! Baby!Baby!Baby!

    Oh I know, these two are finally STTN so you're done-zo! Don't freakin blame you but I wouldn't be sad in the slightest if you decided on 3! ;)

    Can't stand the Bachelor. Never have, never will. Tori & Dean are my faves too! Absolutely love them! Bethenny and Jason are not too far behind T&D. Im nervous to watch the last episode bc I've been tear free regarding baby issues this week. Also, One Born Every Minute is awesome. Can't watch that either currently but it cracks me up/provides good background noise. :)

  5. I watch my fair share of Reality shows...Teen Mom, Real Housewives of {insert city here}, Mob Wives and Bethenny and I am probably missing some...anyway, I don't watch The Bachelor BUT my two besties do and last night we had a full conversation about the latest episode. They both think that he is sending home the wrong people. They were quite upset that 'Jennifer' was sent home.

  6. I love Tori and Dean, but right now because of classes I never get to watch it. I usually am able to catch up if they have a marathon or if they show episodes on the weekend. Other than that I love some of the MTV shows like Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, the Challenge, etc., Mob Wives is pretty hilarious, but my favorite is Keeping Up With the Kardashians!! Love them!

  7. I love Bachelor/Bachelorette too.... can't stand Ben, I really liked Jennifer & was sad to see her sent home.. did you hear Emily is the next Bachelorette? We also love... Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, T&D, Bethenny, Real Housewives, Kardashians, etc! Love reality tv in general! (I agree with the others,might as well try for #3!!)

  8. First off, Ben is a tool. lol And Courtney is NUTS!!! I really like Kasie B. but unfortunately I think you're right and he will pick Courtney...should be fun to see that go down in flames though, lol. I'm excited that Emily is the next Bachelorette even though I thought Brad was equally as moronic as Ben is, lol. But yet, I can't wait til Monday nights to watch!

    As far as Tori and Dean, I want to be her BFF too - and she gives me baby fever with those adorable kids! I still have two episodes on DVR, but I seriously think they are just the sweetest little family and Tori and Dean compliment each other so well!!

    I think you're right Jen - next week, mid bachelor, we chat with a glass of wine ;)

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  10. I really like Tori and Dean, but right now because of times I never get to look at it. I usually am able to get up if they have a working area or if they present times on the few times. Other than that I really like some of the MTV shows like Child Mom, Coat Shore, the Impediment, etc., Mob Partner is very interesting, but my recommended is Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
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