Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Day in Pictures

I don't care what people say about Valentine's Day. I LOVE IT!!! We had such a fun day and I tried to capture everything in pictures.

When we woke up, Daddy had left us some very sweet cards on the counter :-)

Part of me just wanted to stay home and be cozy by the fireplace but it was Valentine's Day party time at preschool! I've been waiting weeks for this! We made sure to bring our teacher's Valentines...

I am happy to say the party was a smashing success!! The kids (and mommies) had so much fun making crafts, playing games and decorating cookies. And then when it was story time, I was able to capture one quick picture of Addie and all her valentine buddies :-)

Then the kiddies came home to some surprises!!

Nana and Papa AND Mima and Papa Steve brought some goodies too and that made this girl one happy valentine :-)

As if that wasn't enough...Addie decided to go through all her loot from school. So cute seeing all the kids names on their cards :-)

Before I would let the kids dig into all that junk, I attempted a cute Valentine's Day lunch. 

The kids ate about two bites because when the doorbell rang and they saw these DELICIOUS strawberries from my dear friend Marie...they were like, "Peanutbutter sandwiches? Please."

I guess all the excitement from the morning really tuckered this guy out because he fell asleep on my shoulder. This hasn't happened since he was a baby. I LOVED it!!

And while Blake slept, Addie had a photoshoot with her princesses.

We did lots of relaxing until Daddy got home and then we ate our heart-shpaed pizza!!!

The four of us ate every single bite. Pigs :-) But don't worry...we all made sure to save room for some of this...

That, my friends, is a hot fudge, banana and sprinkles sundae topped with whip cream and a cherry. YUM!!

Blake had two :-)

Now that we've all had plenty of fun today, it's time for these two to take a bath and get cozy before bedtime.

That way Daddy and I can enjoy a little of this :-)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you got to spend the day with the people you love :-)


  1. Awww what a great Valentines Day, spent with all of the ones you love <3 No more perfect way!

    Tara xo

  2. You and I are the same in that we LOVE Valentine's Day! I had a tiny rant in my Valentine's post yesterday about all of those Scrooges who complain about it. Ha! Valentine's Day lovers UNITE!

    When I have babies of my own I can't wait to make it a special day filled with sugar-ific goodies and heart shaped everything! It looks like you had a wonderful day with your precious loved ones :) Thanks for sharing it with us!


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